In Ozersk the Ghost of the deceased husband would not let his wife home

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At least that explained the responding rescuers of the situation the inhabitant of Ozersk.

В Озёрске призрак умершего мужа не пускал свою жену домой

The inhabitant of Ozersk (Chelyabinsk oblast) is a vision of her late husband. She felt that he was closed in the apartment and called rescuers.

September 14 Edinaya dezhurno-dispatching service of the Ozersk municipality received a call from the duty officer of the internal Affairs with the request to assist in the opening of the apartment. The police asked the elderly woman, saying that her husband was closed in the apartment and opens the door, a knock not responding.

It seems to be a typical situation: the pensioner was locked at home and not allowed in the apartment wife. Not sleeping, not listening, maybe he became ill. Call urgently went duty lifeguards.

On the place was that the woman saw late husband who died seven years ago. Standing at the locked door the woman was described as «in poor condition».

«The door opened, but inside the apartment was empty. The older woman then explained that she had seen her husband’s Ghost. He died seven years ago», — told in the emergency Department.

For the rescue service after this incident reminded not to leave unattended elderly people with diseases.

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