Former head of the Catholic Bishop of the United States: «Pope Francis is the false prophet and Satanist»

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One of the most senior officials of the Catholic Church says the most shocking thing: in a vision during prayer, he saw God and was ordered to warn all Christians that Pope Francis is «evil» and «the false prophet». This writes, Russian translation published

This is not some little-known pastor, known in the circle of a narrow sect, and Mr. Thomas Weinandy (Thomas Weinandy), which until recently was the head of the Association of Catholic bishops of the United States (U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)).

Бывший главный католический епископ США: "Папа Франциск лжепророк и сатанист"

In the vision of Thomas Weinandy was given a «special sign» from God that had to be regarded as «Apostolic mandate.» This prompted Mr. Winandy write about his revelation letter to the Vatican, Pope Francis, after which he, in response, was promptly stripped of all titles and posts.

In the letter, Weinandy told Dad about the book of revelation, the essence of which boiled down to the fact that the papacy of Pope Francis is characterized by «chronic confusion», «cuts dogma» and the «culture of fear», whose main task – implementation of «agenda for a New World Order».

Himself Pope Francis, aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio, according to Weinandy, using all his power and influence to divert the flock from traditional Christian values and guide it into the mainstream «satanic policies».

LSN reports: after receiving Francis this letter, Winandy immediately asked to resign, which he did, and the new President of the USCCB hastily assured the Vatican that all the bishops of the United States loyal to Pope Francis.

Weinandy, received his revelation in may last year, but have discussed it first, only to Pope Francis, and then with some bishops, his fellow students at the Seminary.

However, in the future, Winandy again it was a vision, after which a number of related life events confirmed the obtained sign that requires them to have obtained over important information, Weinandy made public. Mr. Weinandy and made through The Catholic Thing’s:

«However, I was always going to make it public, as I felt many of my worries were the same as those of the others, especially among the laity, so I’m all this and publicly voiced».

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