A mysterious circle in a field in Essex, appeared before the Eclipse

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Incredible footage of a huge circle that appeared on the field in the British County of Essex before the total solar Eclipse, caused a lot of speculation about his mysterious origin (see video below).

Таинственный круг на поле в Эссексе, появившийся перед самым затмением

According to the BBC, amazing drawing was first discovered on 17 August 2017, a resident of Rochford, who was walking his dog near London Southend airport.

Special permission to shoot the new round was given to the drone pilot Norma Bright. After the appearance of his videos online, some users suggested that the figure that appeared a few days before a total solar Eclipse over the United States, can not be a coincidence.

Many believe that several of the inscribed in each other laps sector unknown characters may indicate a radio signal or a satellite dish.

«So what could it be? — the author of the article on the website Collective Evolution suggested that the circles are directly connected with the Eclipse. – Perhaps we will soon get a radio message from somewhere or someone? Maybe our planet will have a new frequency in the result of the Eclipse?»

«Wheat letter» had. The mutual UFO network (MUFON) was inundated with reports, videos and photographs of witnesses who were filming, taking pictures and just watched the many UFO’s that flocked from all sides to gaze at a total solar Eclipse on Monday.

What means the mysterious circle in the field in Essex, appeared before the Eclipse? / Crop Circle Sutton Road Rochford

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