Hell on the Russian roads

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Чертовщина на российских дорогах

According to police statistics, a significant portion of road accidents in our country happens because of the drivers lost control, fell asleep at the wheel, drove the car in an alcohol intoxication. And only a small proportion of accidents due to technical defects of the vehicle.

However, the cause of some accidents like that forever remains a mystery both for their participants and for the experts of traffic police.

Ghosts on the highway M-53

In the years 1976-1979, the period of the Federal highway M-53 between the villages of Nizhniy Ingash and Ilan, which is 20 km East of the city of Kansk, was served by a policeman in Krasnoyarsk Krai Egor troyekurov. The young Lieutenant wondered if the large number of ridiculous accidents that occurred on his site.

Once the shift supervisor, captain mole, told his subordinate that ten years ago the road did a little detour around the old abandoned cemetery. According to experts of road that represented a great danger to motorists.

The cemetery was razed to the ground, on top of it made gravel embankment, which rolled high-quality asphalt. And soon straight as an arrow, the road one after another began to occur accident — sometimes ridiculous and inexplicable.

The captain believed that the frequent culprits of the accident was dead, offended by what had been destroyed, their refuge.

For a long time Egor troyekurov considered version of his mentor, one of the many police stories, which the old campaigner like to surprise the youth. But one day, as a major, he nearly became a participant in a mysterious accident.

In the autumn of 1983, when troyekurov served in the Department of GAI of the city of Kansk, he had to pass a late rainy night, on the official car down a familiar stretch of highway. When the car passed Nizhniy Ingash, Yegor Ivanovich began to tell his companion the story of the cemetery, were under way.

Suddenly headlights grabbed a pale figure, like from the air emerged a few metres away from the hood of the car. Troyekurov sharply pressed a brake pedal, and the car spun on the slippery road. Only driving skills saved him from death and seated next to him officer.

When the car finally stopped, the men ran across the road. However, neither it nor near the road was empty: the Ghost that appeared on the highway, disappeared.

Satanic dead end

Almost on the border of Kurgan and Chelyabinsk regions, near the village of SART-Abdrashev, there is a place which people call «satanic dead end.» On the road 7 km long, occurs frequently in day two or three of the accident.

Local crane operator is so used to that, hearing the late night knock on the window, going silently, knowing why you want his technique to get flown away in a ditch the car. The inhabitants of the surrounding villages aware about this dangerous place, has long been around by his side on country roads.

Чертовщина на российских дорогах

The participants of the accidents are mostly out of town travelers. Those who managed to survive after the accident, I can’t really explain what really caused the accident. Some people think that at that moment they were like hypnotized.

For example, the driver of the cargo truck overturned there in August 2004, until the time of the accident was sure moving right in your lane with an acceptable road section speed. Although eyewitnesses claimed that in fact his car suddenly rapidly began to pick up left, flew off the highway.

Other affected drivers were assured that they had seen suddenly appeared on the road obstacle, cattle, thrown out a pile of rubble or even moving them to the car, and then began a feverish maneuvers that led to the accident.

One of the legends of SART-Abdrashev says that in place of the dangerous section of road in ancient times there was a pagan sanctuary. In the prewar years, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages thought that this wetland devils. And only after the construction of the road in 1944, the tradition of evil was gone, replaced by the sad statistics of road accidents.

The «black tier» on the highway in Buryatia

The drivers usually, when you see him along the road, screech to a halt and fright RUB eyes. And the Mirage vanishes. About this mysterious phenomenon has repeatedly told by the drivers who traveled along the southern track of Buryatia in the direction of Ulan-Ude, Gusinoozersk and then to Kyakhta and Zakamensk.

Чертовщина на российских дорогах

It is difficult to say that the stories of local residents is true and what is false twisted by some mystical visions. However, a legend exists.

I was told that usually at the end of the day when leaving the sun’s rays only slightly illuminate the road in front of the eyes of the terrified drivers there is a strange vision. The road wanders along a column of tired and barely moving feet of people dressed in rags. And around a dozen armed men, the same tired and walking with the convoy to nowhere.

Usually at this sight, the drivers brake sharply in fear, wipe the eyes. The Mirage disappears. You could, of course, attribute it to road fatigue. You never know what can prividetsya exhausted long road for the driver? But the question arises: why do different people and at different times see the same thing? And so it continued for several years.

Some drivers even talk about the details of what he saw of the picture. The military, they say, are holding rifles with bayonets fastened. And rags wandering under the escort resemble the garments of the priests – Orthodox and Buddhist. However, especially the color of the clothes you can not see. The column goes into the shadows, and therefore all human silhouettes usually look dark. That is why the vision on the track and was called the «black tier».

The mystery of Mirage is not solved. You have to rely only on the story told by one of the drivers, who not only saw «echelon», but also trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious phenomenon. And that’s what it became.

The latter is very plausible, as the column, passing Ulan-Ude and Gusinoozersk, Kyakhta neither before nor until the City got. There is no historical evidence that these settlements were arrived with a large group of arrested priests. Maybe «echelon» was just shot somewhere in the desert. Strange, but together with the prisoners, they say, has disappeared and the escort. What happened with the military, one of history knows…

Since the tragic then and there on the highway a mysterious phenomenon – «black wave,» wandering into the distance. That is to say, ghosts from the past. And one more note to this mysterious story, which is often remembered: the priests, realizing that they were being led to punishment, cursed the road.

Although such actions are, of course, unusual for clerics, but a confirmation of an existing curse available. This southern route is considered the most dangerous in Buryatia. It is very frequent accidents and people die. And this is a fact reliable.

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