Dead Bigfoot would go on a world tour

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Paranormal news: Dead Bigfoot would go on a world tour. American Rick Dyer has announced the imminent start of the world tour of the exhibition, during which he intends to show people the corpse of a Bigfoot that he allegedly killed in Texas in September.

Мертвый снежный человек отправится в мировое турне

Photo: Rick Dyer

The first Yeti will see the inhabitants of Flagstaff, Arizona. Other stops on the traveling map of the dead Bigfoot still haven’t selected. What time is calculated trip Dyer and stuffed a mysterious creature, not specified. The American said that soon will hold a press conference and answer all your media questions.

According to Dyer, he killed Bigfoot, its the lure of pork ribs, hung on the tree. Bigfoot came up to the bait and then was shot. Hunter admitted that it was a pity to kill the creature, but still he went for the shot.

In 2008, Dyer has tried to show the people of Bigfoot that he allegedly killed himself. However, it soon became clear that Bigfoot is not real: American put on display a rubber monkey suit. Commenting on the incident, he said he did not regret, because this story helped him to meet many specialists in Bigfoot. Dyer promised that this time will show this Bigfoot and will release the results of DNA tests and scan the body of the creature.

The hunt for Bigfoot enthusiasts are all over the world. Some of the hunters claim that they were able to track down the creature, but no conclusive evidence of this, as a rule, can not be present. In Russia, the birthplace of Bigfoot is considered to be of Gornaya Shoriya in Kemerovo oblast.

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