A ghostly Ambulance with a corpse in the cabin

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Sunday 13 may 1990 Muscovite Tamara Orlova and her husband driving late at night on the train. They returned to the city with a private garden, where for two weekends relentlessly moved with shovels to the ground — planted potatoes. Both felt dead tired.

Suddenly, the husband of Tamara began to fall on his side: he lost consciousness. This was announced on the intercom to the train driver. And that, in turn, reported by radio about the incident to the duty radio operator of the nearest railway station.

Призрачная "Скорая" с покойником в салоне

When the train pulled into its platform, where he was met by two orderlies with a stretcher. Besplatni the man was quickly transferred to the car «emergency» — of course, accompanied by his wife, very concerned about what is happening.

Tamara’s husband did not have time to take to the hospital. He died on the way. Distraught woman spent the night and part of next day — Monday — the body of the deceased within the walls of a hospital.

Her sister, also a Muscovite, knew nothing, of course, about the incident. Monday morning she got out of bed, as always on weekdays, very early. And left the house, going to work,s the beginning of the sixth hour of the morning.

At the bus stop the woman did not have long to suffer in anticipation. Soon a bus came right to her route. Sister Tamara Orlova, entering it in his open front door, sat down on the empty seat by the window in the left row of seats. This chair was located directly behind the driver’s cab.

The bus budged. Its wheels went to wind the kilometres through the deserted streets of the morning in Moscow, at that very early hour barely leaked. Multiple eyes watched sister Tamara out the window, which passed house by house, block by block… the Bus pulled up to the next intersection to the intersection of the street where he was moving, with a wide prospect. The driver did not slow down for the traffic light burned green signal light.

About what happened next, I will tell myself sister Tamara:

When the bus started to leave the intersection, I saw him rushing across the Avenue from left to right a small car. Normal pickup-truck. The usual… and unusual. It was bright red and on the side is a white circle with a red cross in it. In short, the «ambulance».

But what is absolutely amazing that its windshield was completely opaque color. Like he thickly slipped inside of gray-white paint! Never in my life have I seen vehicles with such windshields. The collision of a truck and our bus seemed inevitable. A few passengers who were with me in the cabin, anxiously shouted.

Sister Tamara also started screaming in full voice in horror.

The bus driver slammed on the brakes.

— The same, — continues the story of sister Tamara, made, apparently, and the driver of the red pickup truck, invisible behind the frosted windshield. The speed of the truck slowed down, however he continued to approach. With absolute bespovorotno I realized: he now dug into the bus left exactly where he sat with the driver, and behind him is me.

Slack-jawed, I watched with unblinking eyes at the oncoming pickup truck, targeted their lights at me! But a miracle happened. Somehow, some way, the truck slipped before, so to speak, the nose of our bus without hitting it. We, the passengers shouted in unison again, this time from joy. And then stopped, helplessly turning heads in all directions.

A red pickup truck podletevshego to the bus on the left and raced across to him in front of his front bumper, does not appear, however, to the right of the bus. And not continued on his way. In the literal sense of these words, he melted into the air like a Ghost.

Sister Tamara continues:

— All of us, including the bus driver, was in shock. We did not understand how it could happen. My companions discussed the mysterious incident and at the same time, focused on the strange appearance of «ambulance». Her windshield was, I repeat, Matt, but but the side glass is somehow transparent. All of us, as it emerged from the discussion, clearly saw this. Meanwhile, a conventional car «ambulance» everything should be Vice versa! Side glass — frosted and windshield — transparent.

However, personally sister Tamara is much more greatly puzzled more.

When a pickup truck flew up to the bus and almost seemed to run into him, eyes women unblinking, frozen — was sent to his side transparent glass. And the woman, in her categorical statement, clearly saw through the glass that’s what the picture is in the truck on a stretcher a man in a faded jacket-khaki jackets, eyes closed, arms stretched along the body.

And no one else in the cabin to transport patients in the ambulance! said sister Tamara.— Let my observation lasted less than two seconds… even less than a second, but I distinctly examined the facial features of the man. It was my sister’s husband. I could be wrong. I have not imagined. Yes, it was him!

A vortex swirled in my head questions. What’s wrong with him? Seriously ill? And so hard that I had to call an ambulance? And what an amazing coincidence — I’m going early in the morning on the bus to work and the «ambulance» with her husband of Tamara behind it, crosses my path. How can there be such?

Well, the car’s appearance? What a strange carriage with a frosted windshield! You are such a freak carriage, impossible. Finally, how miraculously she managed to avoid the inevitable, it would seem that a collision with a bus? And where’s she gone then, melted without a trace in the air at the intersection?

From the testimony of Tamara Orlova:

— When we with the husband came back by train from the country, he was dressed in a faded jacket jackets khaki. «First aid», which drove us from the train station to the nearest hospital, was a pickup truck. But the truck is white and not red. The windshield of the car was, of course, transparent, and a side — brushed. During the whole of the next day the body of the deceased remained immovable in the hospital. No it is not exported out.

From the information given A. N. Stepanov, an employee of the garage of one of the capital’s stations «Ambulance»:

— We use in everyday work vehicles like pickups and «Volga»-vans. According to ancient tradition, all the machine «ambulance» in Moscow are white. Red pickup trucks are not used in our units. Say this with full responsibility. Red pickup trucks are the machine of fire brigades. About the presence of opaque windscreens on vehicles hear for the first time and I think the statement about them being complete nonsense.

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