Residents of Adygea with cameras hunt for Bigfoot, and examine strange footprints (video)

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Residents of Adygea with cameras hunt for Bigfoot, and examine strange footprints. In the village Kamennomostsky (Adygea) residents studying traces of strange creatures (Bigfoot). People believe that they left the one who ruins the chicken coops and killing Pets. Many believe that in the village there is a snow man.

Жители Адыгеи с камерами охотятся на снежного человека и изучают странные следы (видео)

Mushroom with trembling hands turned the cell phone camera to catch every movement appeared in the forest, strange creatures similar to humans, but too tall and covered with hair. Pensioner Andrei Sokolov convinced that met Bigfoot.

Andrey Sokolov, an eyewitness: «He goes gently on bent legs. The feeling that at any moment he can jump sideways. Turns first the head, then the whole body… As I recall, so nervous».

Mushroom does not remember how he returned back to the village. They immediately showed neighbors. It turned out that the pensioner is not the first who meets in the forest a strange giant. One of the residents even made plaster casts of his footprints.

Vladimir Malikov, a local resident: «We were surprised to reverse flat feet, which was pronounced on the track. In humans, the opposite of flat feet is not.»

Huge casts are now stored in the Museum of paleontology, which organized the Vladimir princes. In the exhibition, according to the man, there is even a skull Bigfoot, which the locals found in a cave in the past year. The find immediately brought to the police, but they explained that it was not human remains. Light of science held a series of examinations and found only the approximate age of the skull (he is about 4 thousand years), but what kind of creature it was, remains a mystery.

The unusual shape of the skull, squeezed the sides and expanded in the area of the brow, not allowed to take him to the world of animals. Evidence of the existence of Bigfoot is now trying to find local hunters.

Night attack on the chicken coops and the disappearance of domestic dogs in the village blamed on Bigfoot. The police do not exclude the relationship of all these events. However, not inclined to mysticism guards find another explanation. They believe that an escaped convict hiding in the woods. Amid talk of a monster beast in several neighboring towns frequent thefts from private homes. To test police ready to connect and scientists and to organize an expedition on the trail of Bigfoot.

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