Mummy alien of Peru the real

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Мумии инопланетян из Перу настоящие

Now there are active discussions about another discovery scientists on the famous plateau of Nazca, located in Peru. Some of the media even thought that mummy is a fake, but scientists disagree.

Note that the mummies of proportion in terms of certain parts of the body do not coincide with human. For example, their heads are more rounded and larger than our usual, and the fingers have only three, and they are very long in comparison with human. The scientists also noticed that found mummies no ears.

One of the scientists, not afraid to be laughed at, made a statement that the mummies of ancient burials are even real alien beings. Still there is a possibility that humanoids have been on our planet a few thousand years ago.

Further, the scientists found that the mummy, in addition that looks different from others, also special, and your guts. Creation, as it turns out, are much smaller than vertebrae. Scientists were interested in the dust on the body. During research work found out that it’s actually the soil of silicon, significantly accelerating the process of mummification.

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