The map of the 16th century found a picture of a mermaid wielding a UFO

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This map of North and South America was drawn in 1562 in Antwerp, on six large sheets, each of which is almost a meter wide. Later the sheets were stuck together and appeared lavishly illustrated map, which can be fully viewed at the link.

На карте 16 века нашли рисунок русалки, держащей в руках НЛО

Until the mid-18th century it was the official and largest Spanish map of the Americas. It was a Spanish dominance in the New world, determining the scope of authority of Spain, while also recognizing the French and Portuguese presence on the continent.

The map is carefully drawn well-known in those years, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, and it is normal monkeys and parrots. But there can be found and a rather strange image. For example, giants in Patagonia, chariot of the Gods, sea monsters, dragons or a picture of two mermaids, one of which is holding the drive, extremely similar to a typical UFO disk.

На карте 16 века нашли рисунок русалки, держащей в руках НЛО

The second mermaid, located just above the map, as the subject in hand, but it is oval and probably a mirror as she looks at him. Do UFOs in the hand of the other mermaids is also a mirror? Or is it a real UFO, saw it 500 years ago in America and it was associated with mermaids?

На карте 16 века нашли рисунок русалки, держащей в руках НЛО

The mysterious figure is not the first time draw the attention of ufologists of the whole world, and that the material about the mermaid UFO was published on the website and again made the rounds on the blogs and other sites. The mystery of UFOs and mermaids is still not solved, 100% indisputable explanation of the picture yet no one gave.

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