Riddles dungeons: mystic under the feet

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Загадки подземелий: мистика под ногами

There’s a whole universe

Underworld – not the fiction of the tale, a man-made creation of human civilization. But it is better to ask the diggers – the most ardent researchers of structures and communications underground. They are like the wizards of legend, is able in one minute to deliver anyone to the fantastic, seemingly so far away, the world is only worth it to dive into one of the most ordinary, unremarkable capital of the hatches. Modern man in the street, yawning from everyday life, you will not regret that went with them. Yes, you can’t miss while traveling through the catacombs of the underworld?

Underground idealized world is trying to find a. For example, in the era of bourgeois revolution in England, the so-called levellers – isolated radical political figures, creators of the underground, advocated the rejection of material values and private property. In the struggle for universal equality, they also chose to hide from harsh reality in its shell. In honor of them, imbued with heavenly ideas of the movement, and dubbed the modern diggers, who found their world of amazing discoveries, amazing adventures and thrilling mysteries underfoot.

Mazes of «cold» war

«Object No. 20» is a going deep underground to six tens of meters a huge bunker more than seven square kilometers area. Is an underground settlement – or rather, the military classified the construction of the former Soviet Union, located near the metro station «Taganskaya». Its construction began in the last century, at the beginning of a disturbing 50’s in connection with the alleged threat of nuclear war. In the construction documents of the time «hidden city» appeared, under the obscure to the uninitiated, code name: «step-Down substation». After six years of construction, a secret facility was transferred to the Ministry of defence.

Over the period of its activity, functioning round the clock as the headquarters for the management of long-range aviation, the object is to intervene in itself, and a bunch of other very important institutions. For example, geophysical laboratory, radio and even the Telegraph. The large bin was full to the top with all the necessary and valuable in case of a possible war and nuclear, deadly to all living things on the surface of an impact. Pantries were bursting from the variety of food in unlimited quantities were stored fuel, drinking water in abundance beat from deep wells, there was a complicated system of cleaning the premises from the musty air. All this wealth, no one useful, guarded by watchful military personnel at the facility all the time.

The brick walls of this building were only window dressing, hiding the massive concrete, the thickness of which reached up to six meters. Gender was based on a solid broad Foundation. Everything was done in such a way to provide maximum protection from shock waves arising from a nuclear explosion and, of course, and defense against different type of weapons. In addition, there was a thick automatic doors spontaneously closing when motion of the one front powerful airflow. From a nuclear wave protected and corridors are specially designed for potokovoj system, introducing an extremely confusing maze. Not to get lost, traveling through it, without a certain plan and clearly drawn diagrams was absolutely impossible.

By the early 80’s in the bunker began to make itself felt large technical problems. Because of the accident located next to the metro and is damaged as a result of waterproofing a secret facility beginning constantly fill with water. Moreover, the equipment is pretty worn out and obsolete. In the end upstairs, a decision was made about reconstruction of the bunker. In connection with the change in the political situation, military vigilance considerably weakened, the guards simply left the facility, the staff was disbanded. And with the collapse of the Soviet Union the secrecy of it was removed. For some time underground labyrinths were empty, but in 2006 they were used. Now there are military-historical Museum.

Who is there in the dark?

Tales, legends-feared and chilling stories about creatures living in the pitch darkness of the dungeons, have any people. And that alone, is rich in stories, people’s imagination does not imagine about the underworld! These stories are the goblins, dwarves, cave trolls, and feral people. And of course, the mysterious cast – inconsolable souls of the dead immured alive in the darkness of the labyrinths or killed in underground silence. Modern folklore added to this list the mysterious lab of kooky doctors-killers and dealers in human organs.

Underground tunnels were found in all parts of the world: the Altai and Pakistan in the Sahara desert and on Easter island. But the most colorful and diverse stories are told about the mysterious South American caves. For example, the length of the dungeons, located near the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Inequal, struck at the time, the imagination of the famous traveler from England Percy Fossett, another dreamer who has devoted a large part of his life to the search of the legendary country of El Dorado.

Jesuit priests bearing the light of Christianity to the natives, told me a lot about creepy caves Chinkanas, created by the Incas as an escape route while fleeing from militant opponents. They are still extremely bad reputation. Maze, as they say, was and is so huge that consists of these underground streets. But even the most desperate travelers, eager for adventure, would never have ventured to wander there without a coil of rope, which was fastened at the entrance of the maze to avoid getting lost in the twisted tunnels. And where the end of these catacombs of the modern inhabitants of the planet, nobody knows.

Underground curiosities

Legends and incredible fictions about the dungeons, indeed, there are many. But some of them are not myths but real history when mentioning about which runs through the body a chill from the exciting soul of curiosity.

Digger Vadim became the researcher of underground secrets. To life it prompted quite an amazing story that happened to him at the age of 12. Together with the neighbor’s babies, he climbed into the basement of an abandoned old house, located not far from the yard where they lived. There friends and found a rickety staircase descending deep down.

Trying to unravel the mystery of what was beneath their feet, the boys took advantage of the descent, with the result that suddenly fell into a dark, extremely long corridor, osobennye the walls of which were lined with tall sturdy shelves. And here began the most incredible. On these shelves were located in a large number of bizarre vessels. And they differed outlines a very strange pickled creatures. Looking at the mysterious monsters in glass jars by the light of a torch lit the newspaper, the children were so shocked and fascinated that they gave friendly the oath to become researchers and discoverers of the underground slums created by human civilization. And at their age still had an incredible, amazing stories!

As it turned out later, in a mysterious basement, where they were lucky to get, earlier it was somehow forgotten and not removed from the warehouse, owned by the Institute of Oceanology.

Dungeons are Packed with an inexhaustible, sometimes, dark secrets. And some of the mysteries of Russian history has preserved, in his time, carefully. It is not surprising, because the Moscow catacombs were built almost since the founding of the city. A significant number of them are usually referred to the bloody era of Ivan the terrible.

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