Nebraska resident informed the police about seeing Bigfoot

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Police Nebraska recently received an unusual call from a message about seeing Bigfoot. A woman saw a hairy creature in the evening near highway 80 near North Platte. On this November 27 reported the news website Nebraska The Grand Island Independent.

Of the Harriett so glad you’re here and her friend Robin Robins returned last Saturday from Omaha. So glad you’re here asked to be dropped off when they drove to the town of Hastings. Then Robbins went alone, but soon the Robins rang so glad you’re here and excited voice said, I just saw Bigfoot, when drove to the neighboring town of North Platte.

— She said, «I just saw Bigfoot. He was standing right here on the side of the road,» says Harriett so glad you’re here.

Жительница Небраски сообщила в полицию о наблюдении бигфута

Robbins saw Bigfoot while driving sign 197 around 9 PM. She told her friend that the huge creature was stocky and seemed very heavy. Bigfoot stood on the road outside the fence of the deer and Roberts saw him very close with a distance of about 20 feet (6 meters) when passing. Tall Bigfoot seen it was at least 8 feet (2.4 meters).

— She saw him very clearly. It was at the time, except when it no cars on the road were not.

Immediately after the call, so glad you’re here friend called the local police.

— I asked them if it counts as official surveillance scenario Bigfoot and they said that is definitely.

Near the place where the woman saw Bigfoot, forms the channel of the river Platte River, and so glad you’re here says that Bigfoot could travel on the river. She believes in the existence of Bigfoot and although she could not see them, she has friends who observed these creatures in the places of Grand Island, Bellevue, Lincoln and Macy.

About the unusual message for police Nebraska posted a post on his page in Facebook. Under him numbered more than a hundred comments, mostly jokes.

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