Mystic lake Teletskoye

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The Teletskoe lake (Altai mountains) in Russia is not only one of the most profound and beautiful, but also mystical. This pond took the lives of thousands of people who were victims of not only their own carelessness, but also very scary circumstances.

The maximum depth of lake Teletskoye is fascinating – as much as 325 meters. Experts tell us that fish in this lake do not fall below 100 meters, because then there is cold and darkness. So it turns out that often the bodies of drowned on lake Teletskoye people do not find.

Мистика Телецкого озера

Divers with experience tell us that the body of the deceased very quickly, that is, preserved. Some of the divers that were solved at maximum immersion, did a terrible conclusion. After all, they ran across a large number of dead people and animals.

But most striking is the fact that their bodies did not change with time. It is possible that the reason the temperature conditions at the bottom of the lake, which is less than 3 degrees Celsius.

Rumor has it that in the natural layers of the lake Teletskoye are even riders of the days of Genghis Khan. Local legends follows that the detachment of the armor landed on the bottom in an attempt to achieve on a homemade swimming facilities on the opposite Bank.

The soldiers were wrong, and then collided with harsh reality. Because the water is a few meters from the shore becomes so cold that paralyzes humans and animals. Under the weight of armor, they quickly sank to a depth of 250 meters, where there are to this day.

As a fresh example, you can apply about the fall of the helicopter “Robinson” in the Teletskoye lake. The tragedy occurred in February of this year. On Board the aircraft were five people, including former Deputy Prime Minister of the Altai Republic Anatoly Bannykh and the President’s Plenipotentiary representative in the state Duma Alexander Kosopkin. None of them could not be found, as the helicopter crashed into the lake where the depth exceeds 200 metres. The search operation continued for several weeks with no results it brought.

Another tragic case on lake Teletskoye was the usual tour of hydrofoil model “Volga”. View the unique nature of the Altai mountains went 12 turystov. Among them was 11-year-old girl and two teenagers. At some point the water the boat capsized. All were on it, people died. Their bodies were only found two months after the incident.

Except mysticism cannot be explained by the many tragic incidents on lake Teletskoye. Experts believe that it often happens that people lack experience and knowledge. The fact that the area around the lake is a very dangerous area. The weather changes in just a few seconds. In the area of Teletskoye lake is dominated by heavy snowfalls, fogs and strong winds. So it turns out that visiting the lake, tourists often do not realize the dangers and severity of this place.

A huge flow of tourists to lake Teletskoye is because the nature here is often preserved in its original form. The lake, whose length is 78 kilometers, are in the alloy of numerous groups of professionals and Amateurs. Near the lake built 18 tourist camps and camping sites. Also at lake Teletskoye common fisheries because natural diversity allows you to get the different prey.

The name of the lake was about 400 years ago, when the initiative to name the pond Teletskoye were made by Russian explorers. In those days the lake was inhabited by Turkic tribes telesy. The local people held a second title – the Golden lake.

Perhaps, the main feature of lake Teletskoye is that it is powered by mountain rivers. Here the water even in hot weather remains cold. But the water in the Teletskoe lake is so crystal clear, that immersion in it is seldom refuse tourists.

Today even the most modern equipment does not allow to answer a number of questions associated with the mysteries at the bottom of lake Teletskoye. For this reason, there are more and more mystical ideas.

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