In the recent death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass found mystical coincidences with the death of the Dyatlov group

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A community of researchers of the tragedy at the pass (so-called declawed), studying the latest news about the death of another tourist in those places, noticed a series of strange coincidences that you can draw Parallels between the fate of the tourists Dyatlova, died in those mountains in the distant 1959, and tourists from Kemerovo Sergei Solomatin, who died in the pass area a few days ago.

In the first place catches the eye is the year of birth of the deceased — 1959 (the year of the expedition in the Northern Ural tourists Dyatlova). In addition, it seems sinister and his date of birth January 26: this day, when a group of Igor Dyatlov arrived to the beginning of my route 41 land logging Ivdel Energo-complex. The next day they moved to the side of the mountain Otorten.

Victim Sergey Solomatin

В недавней гибели туриста на перевале Дятлова нашли мистические совпадения с гибелью группы Дятлова

This mountain played a fatal role in the fate of the deceased group, Igor Dyatlov and tourist-Siberian Soromotin. Otorten was the target of Dyatlova — they had intended to storm the summit the next day after a cold night on the hillside of the Dead (where they happened something strange).

Sergei is Soromotin found death a few kilometers from this place: according to a source, the man died on the slopes of mount Otorten.

«Where three matches can be fourth and fifth, — said Ural ufologist, head of the project «Russia Paranormal» Alex Martin. — I’m more than sure that this is not just. Maybe there’s some sort of sinister things, but like Stephen king says, if a match is greater than two, it is not a coincidence.»

Meanwhile, with this interpretation I do not agree the head of the Foundation for the memory of Dyatlov’s group, Yury Kuntsevich — the last a tragedy, he looks «as a realist», believing «magic numbers» just a coincidence.

«People are attracted there, and the path there is not equipped — explains kuntcevich. — It is necessary to do it that people had the support that the road is unpaved, though, to get you to the place to rescue the person. Yeah, the terrain there is difficult, but what beams is necessary to put and track pour».

The relatives of the deceased believe that there is no mysticism. According to relatives, Soromotin in recent years, with health there were problems — he suffered from diabetes and was asthmatic attacks. According to relatives in emergencies, during his campaign had something happened with his health.

«Something happened, whether he became ill, whether he fell, or cramps, or pressure, says daughter of Sergei. — It’s mountains, and his age!»

Sergei went from Kemerovo and Yekaterinburg (and later in Ivdel) 6 Sep. The same day he sent his wife a TEXT message that he is doing well and that the campaign will not be connected. On 26 September he had to return home. «Tell me what he almost got,» says Anna.

В недавней гибели туриста на перевале Дятлова нашли мистические совпадения с гибелью группы Дятлова

Meanwhile the Ural «Indiana Jones» — a radio Amateur from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degteryov, not once approached the subject of Dyatlov pass in the study of satellite images put forward different versions, encourages tourists in any case not to go to those places.

«I began to call and write about the Dyatlov pass. Especially those fans that want to know a secret on the scene, — he wrote on his page in social networks. — I’m not much of an expert on this subject. But I have the last picture of the Dyatlov group. Processed. The one that was overexposed originally. She is genuine».

According to degtereva, treating the, he was able to restore the image to the frame — in the end it appeared a strange object, «only because of the technical ignorance of the UFO is a strange object in the photo was not identified earlier.»

В недавней гибели туриста на перевале Дятлова нашли мистические совпадения с гибелью группы Дятлова

«Therefore, I warn you all: the Dyatlov pass some don’t go, says researcher. And there better not walk at all: perish, as the group Dyatlova, as died last tourist. The mystery is only partly open. As well as our official science, the UFO does not recognize, then did not pay attention. Of course, not everyone will die, but whoever knows something, from the pass alive again.»

  • From the base of geologists reported about the mysterious explosion in the area of Dyatlov pass
  • Researcher Valentin Degterev found at the Dyatlov pass «UFO wreckage»
  • The Dyatlov pass took the life of another person
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