A quarter of American men ready to have sex with robots

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Robots are slowly but very firmly part of our lives. They work for the people in the factories, eliminate consequences of disasters, when something threatens the lives of rescuers, they work as nurses and even consultants on various issues.

Many experts believe that sooner or later the light will be robots for sexual pleasures – it is only a matter of time. And according to social survey conducted by the American research company YouGov, about one-quarter of Americans male is ready for sexual contact with a robot now.

Четверть американских мужчин готовы к сексу с роботами

49% of American adults agree that in the next 50 years of sexual robots will be freely sold in consumer electronics stores. The people of the future will treat it absolutely quietly.

This theory is confirmed by the famous futurist Ian to the Pier, famous for the fact that 85% of his predictions are accurate. He is confident that by 2050, sexual robots will be widespread in our world. Such a vision is often depicted in works of art. For example, in the Swedish TV series «Real people» or in the upcoming video game Detroit: Become Human.

If you believe the poll, conducted by YouGov, such a future is ready, not all Americans. For example, only 9% of women willing to have intercourse with a robot. Men to such experiments are open much more.

Четверть американских мужчин готовы к сексу с роботами

Sex machine agree 24% of men. If we take the summary statistics for both sexes, the relation with the artificial lovers ready 16% of the US population.

Also many respondents are concerned about as to whether sex with a robot in the presence of a real partner an act of treason? Cheating sex with a machine think 36% of women and 29% men.

Четверть американских мужчин готовы к сексу с роботами

For 52% of respondents who agree to have sex with robots, the most important factor for the decision is the appearance of the machine. Most of the respondents admitted that the robot should resemble a living, real person.

However, the Americans did not quite sure that sexual intercourse with a machine able to satisfy their needs emotionally, however, they doubt that it is possible to establish normal human relationships with the robot.

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