Mother recalled the broken promise

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This story was published in some Russian journal in the early twentieth century. It is written from the person of a young doctor happened after his mother passed away.

«I was at University a fellow as need. My mother had many children. We lived very poorly. After graduation, I drove, as they say in backwater — work scholarship, in the area where rampant typhus.

At this time, was terminally ill my mother. I got a telegram about it, but I was not allowed to go home. At the bedside of the dying were almost all the time my older sister Tanya, who was already a bride. The mother turned to her with a request:

— Bury me in my wedding dress. It is consecrated. I got married in the Church. In it and in the coffin they want to go.

Умершая мать напомнила о невыполненном обещании

The daughter began to cry:

— Mommy, don’t die! I’m the bride, and we still have so many small brothers and sisters.

— This is the will of God. Do not cry. The Lord will help. Fulfill my request about the dress.

— Don’t hesitate, fulfill all, as you said.

A few days later the mother died. I again sent the telegram. But because of increased epidemic of typhus, I, as a doctor and former fellow again did not go home. I got home just after two months.

Go in our garden. Summer. The sun is shining. Two hours of the day. Go and think: Tanya cope with the economy, listening to her younger? About dead Mama, I was not even thinking in those moments.

Suddenly I see — meet me on the track is my mother. That’s the hallucination? Illusion? I slapped himself on the forehead. No, still alive. And approaching me. Between us one step, I paused in amazement, and the mother said:

— Serge…

— Excuse me, mother! You’re dead!

That means nothing, Serge. I am now more alive than when I was with you… I’m not just there has come to you. The Lord has allowed me this. I’m sorry Tanya. Haven’t fulfilled my last wish, though promised to fulfill. Not buried me in my wedding dress. Sorry she got it. I fear for her soul. Tell me, Sergei, to today this dress was given to a beggar.

Mother. What dress? Don’t understand. You died but I’m alive I see you now. Yes I must be crazy…

Don’t worry, Seryozha, don’t worry, because I live, died only the body… And about the dress you herself she will tell you. Just you tell her my conversation with you. Tell her I forgive her. That’s just my dress even today, the same will be given to the poor.

Looking benignly at me, mother blessed me a large cross.

I’m excited, entered the apartment, and hastened to enter the room Thani.

— Tanya, I now saw mother alive mother, and talked to her.

— As a living? As they said? Perhaps you saw her in a dream. I also saw twice in a dream. Don’t worry.

— No, Tanya, not in a dream, but reality. Now here in our garden on the path I met her. And that’s what surprised me. She said that you did not fulfill her desire to put in a coffin in her wedding dress, and dressed the deceased in a different dress. Was it so, tell me, Tanya? .

Tania turned pale and began to cry.

— Yes, I have regretted in the coffin of this dress… It is silk and I’m the bride. Well, we, you know, how poor! So I put mom in her satin dress. And no one except me didn’t know what mom told me to dress her in her wedding outfit. I’m amazed that she is from another world came to you and said this.

And not only told Tanya, but told me to tell you that she’s worried about your soul, what you did wrong, promise to his dying mother to fulfill her last request, but later regretted the dress.

Tanya burst into tears:

— I’m guilty of everything, guilty…

— Don’t cry. Mother told us to tell you she forgives you. But that wedding dress today, was given to the poor.

— How can we give the poor dress? No beggar would come visit. Everyone knows how poor we are now. We are in debt, I can barely keep up with the economy and with many orphans.

— No, Tanya, if Mama ordered today to give her outfit to the poor, then come to us some poor. Take out from the chest wedding dress.

Tanya took the dress and put it on the table. Has not passed also two hours as there was a knock at the gate of the kindergarten. Came the old man and said:

— Donate, for the sake of Christ, the poor bride something to wear. Not what to dress her to marry. She is my granddaughter.

Now this beggar was given the wedding dress of the mother.»

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