The Briton claims that photographed the two aliens

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A resident of the English town of Newton Abbott in Devon, claims that he managed to capture a couple of intelligent extraterrestrial organisms.

Британец утверждает, что сфотографировал двух инопланетян

According to John Munera, he filmed the sky with your camera, Nikon P900 on the tripod by turning the lens to the East. The man looked through the viewfinder on the blue part of the sky where there were clouds, and at some point noticed the unidentified flying object suddenly caught in the frame. Our hero instantly brought a UFO and examined it. By increasing proved that it was not one object, but two.

Британец утверждает, что сфотографировал двух инопланетян

John says:

It was like a digit 8 rotated 90 degrees, or at a cell division under a microscope. Agree, very strange sight, especially when you consider that all of this flies in the sky, so I had no idea, witness what they had become. In the middle of each spherical object were semi-transparent purple part is similar to the window. I did one shot before there was something even more striking. The portholes were opened, and inside both UFOs seemed to be a strange humanoid creature. I swear they looked right at me from a distance! I was deeply shocked and terrified, but managed to take these things off again. Finally, the aircraft began to drift away and disappear in the sky. Then I photographed them in the third and last time. These photos, of course, you can get only once in life.

The Briton said that the pictures were taken on 15 October, however, he needed two weeks in order to carefully study and evaluate them in the photo editor, achieving higher quality. Unfortunately, at the time of shooting «flying saucers» were far from Munera, and therefore the quality of the images still turned out not too high. Nevertheless, the photographer says that to consider humanoids if desired.

Британец утверждает, что сфотографировал двух инопланетян

Despite the relatively large optical camera features Nikon P900, he says, I was struck by what I visually perceived the newcomers differently – more clearly, as if they were very close, even their piercing eyes, I remember. And the photographs turned out some vague images. Maybe the aliens are especially spoiled frames – for them it is, I think, is not at all complicated…

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