Prince Harry showed satanic gesture?

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23 September in the largest city of Canada held an official meeting Britain’s Prince Harry and first lady of the United States of Melanie trump. The reason for this event was the beginning of the international competition «Games undefeated» among military amputees. «Games undefeated» was founded in 2014 on the initiative of Harry. Competitions are actively supported by the British, American and canadian governments.

Принц Гарри показал сатанинский жест?

It would be unremarkable if it were not for one mysterious detail caught the eye of the journalists. Prince Harry of Wales, known for its extravagant (to the extent permissible to a member of the British Royal family) behavior, showed in front of the cameras a very strange gesture. The man was placed under the lapel of his jacket medium, ring finger and thumb, leaving the outside of forefinger and little finger. Such raspaltsovka media seemed suspicious, as this gesture is widely known as «goat» or «devil’s horns». A paparazzi once said that a prominent politician is a staunch Satanist.

«Did Prince Harry showed everyone that is a member of the Illuminati who secretly rule our planet? Or he swears allegiance to her infernal master Satan?» – writing tabloid level of «yellow press». However, other journalists report that shows British gesture can carry a different meaning. For example, in Christian iconography «goat» is used in the transmission of direct speech, which is good news.

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