In Brazil, the man was shocked by the encounter with the living zombies

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Media reported about the incident in the Brazilian city of são Paulo. The man was shocked by the encounter with the living zombie, and then rushed to his car by police officers.

В Бразилии мужчина был шокирован встречей с живым зомби

After working in the company he came to my truck, saw in the back picture, just made numb on the spot. There sat a strange girl, whose behavior the walking dead. People could not inform the police by phone because of severe stress. They, too, were startled by a strange person who randomly moving the limbs and emits spooky sounds.

While living zombies taken to the police station, as this effect could be due to the strong influence of drugs. This version will be able to confirm the examination, while the witness of the meeting with the monster very scared and did not want to face such horror.

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