Do not bring strangers girls is dangerous

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Не подвозите незнакомых девушек – это опасно

Usually on passing transport are afraid to ride it girls, but, from the stories told to us by a man named Nikolai and what happened to him in 1975, the threat may be the reverse situation. Today, this could be repeated — the only difference is that nowadays, instead of a motorcycle, as a rule, appears car. However, does that change anything?. .

An unfamiliar girl on a forest road

…Early in the morning Nicholas on his «Sunrise» (pride and glory boys of the seventies) was returning from the neighboring village after a date with his beloved.

Не подвозите незнакомых девушек – это опасно

He was driving down the road, when he saw that the tree was a girl and raised his hand, asking the rider to stop. Nothing strange in this, Nicholas was not, as bus service between the taiga villages at that time did not exist and people if necessary used associated with transport.

Unusual, perhaps, was girl clothes – dark dress that seemed too easy for this September morning. In the hands – no purse or any belongings. Nicholas thought the girl most likely returns from the city center, where the day before at the House of culture there was dancing. He knew that sometimes youth does so.

The guy stopped the motorcycle and looked at the girl. It was surprisingly good: still very young, about eighteen, dark-haired, with heavy braid, falling down his back. Under the dark dress, a glimpse of the chiseled figure…

Не подвозите незнакомых девушек – это опасно

Nicholas began pounding heart, and she sat behind him and hugged the guy and clung to him hot body. «Well, honey, let’s go,» whispered her lips.

The enchanted maiden beauty, Nicholas thought bad, I do not understand, how does the bike on the ground. His thoughts swarmed around sitting behind beautiful stranger, and his imagination painted the most seductive picture… But then his ear touched warm breath: «You, my dear, this is not even a dream».

Nicholas almost released hands from the steering wheel, so embarrassed he was for his thoughts, which she managed somehow to read. The guy’s face blazed hot fire, between the shoulder blades flowed with sweat…

The main thing — not to look back and not go crazy

When the village was still five kilometers, the motorcycle Nicholas suddenly stalled and, after a bit of inertia, stopped in the middle of high pine trees. The girl jumped off the seat and moved away, and Nicholas leaned over the motor.

Suddenly behind him he heard a rustle, and then a deaf old voice said quietly: «Well, my dear, thank you for the ride home!»

Startled, the boy looked back to ancient woman, roll up in some rags, stood before him, leaning on a gnarled stick, and staring at Nicholas red eyes. From under the shawl were out of tangled gray hair.

Не подвозите незнакомых девушек – это опасно

«Not to be tormented you, my dear, your horse, and it was better on foot,’ said the old woman with a toothless mouth. Yeah don’t look back, otherwise, dear, I will kill you!»

Nicholas did not remember how he lifted the bike from the ground, as he rolled him to his village. Woke up a guy near the hostel, his friends just went to work. They barely tore the hands of Nicholas from the bike, brought a friend to the Dorm and laid in bed.

Only towards evening he began to slowly come to life. Friends tried to know what happened to Nicholas on the way, why the whole day he lay on the bed, staring vacantly at the ceiling? The guy stood silent and gloomy.

But the village foreman suggested that in the woods Nicholas met with the werewolf. Similar cases in these areas sometimes occurred: the chase for the traveler pig, the horse is chasing all the way… In the twilight of a tractor seen on the sidelines of a strange woman in white: if you try to chase her, she vanished into thin air…

Не подвозите незнакомых девушек – это опасно

In General, to laugh at Nicholas, no one was going, and soon the guy turned himself. Only stopped to go to another village to date. First, of course, it was scary, but secondly, I realized that Nicholas, and not love, it was all, well… Maybe he needed to meet with the forest witch to understand it.

…Say that such stories happen today, but the current guys (which kept my head from this mystery and have not disappeared) usually keep quiet and if they talk about what happened, only on the Internet. There are a lot of stories, want – believe, want – no, life happens…

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