The remains of mummies found in Egypt, the scientists saw the knees of Nefertari

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В останках мумии, найденной в Египте, ученые увидели колени Нефертари

In the Egyptian Valley of the Queens, the tomb was discovered mummified knees. According to scientists, they could in life to belong to Nefertari, wife of Ramesses II.

Engaged in the study of the remains of the international group of experts, composed of chemists and experts to determine the age of the remains using radiocarbon method. Chemists have analyzed the drugs used for embalming. After all the studies it was found that his knees could belong to the woman of fairly high social status, whose age was within the boundaries of 40-50 years.

The tomb and the mummified knees was discovered by Egyptologists in 1904, but until recently, scientists were not able to establish whether they belonged to the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses. Research prevented numerous problems: water washed away the contents of the tombs. To the same, used them several times. In the end, in the tomb could contain the remains not of one who was depicted on it.

Nefertari, the Pharaoh’s wife, died about 1250 BC, the Woman was extremely beautiful and was the decoration of her husband, who loved her very much. In addition, in its hands was concentrated a lot of power, which she preferred not to show it.

It should be noted that in the spring of 2002 in the Nile Delta, at a distance of approximately 60 kilometers North-East of Cairo, was discovered the 3.5-foot granite bust. Archaeologists have suggested that it could be a picture of the daughter or wife of Ramses II.

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