Scientists have discovered ancient city, which may be part of Atlantis

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Учёные обнаружили древний город, который может быть частью Атлантиды

In the Pacific oceans experts was found the island of small dimensions, formed from coral and basalt rock. It is considered that the territory itself is actually arranged artificially, by human hands.

The area scientists were seen ruins of temples, tombs, and residential buildings of antiquity. Experts have found that the city built 20 thousand years ago in the South-Eastern part of Micronesia. Probably detected buildings are only part of a civilization of antiquity that applies to all famous people of Atlantis and sunk into oblivion, remaining, as legend has it, under water

Experts are now trying to find the answer to the question, what is the reason the city is situated at such a far distance from other state entities. It is noted that this discovery was even the first settlement of all the people in the Pacific Islands.

A group of Islands, where was located the mysterious city of, now destroyed. Before it skidded even in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Today, the ancient civilization continue to study, so probably after some time scientists will do new portion of news regarding the above topics.

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