UFO filmed on camera UFO igniting objects near Saturn

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Уфолог снял на фотоаппарат НЛО, зажигающий объекты около Сатурна

Ufologist «Diversity» in the study of their shots near the Saturn had seen a UFO. The object suddenly appeared in one episode and then promptly flew in front of the planet and left.

Such a strange UFO phenomenon was recorded on «Nikon P900», and then in order to confirm his words he put a video online. There is depicted that even the UFO «lights», as he put it, the three celestial bodies that are simply flying past them.

If you look closely in the video, it is easy to see that the mysterious space object during its movement became more and more, and from it came a very bright light. But at the moment when the witness looked to UFOs, he felt that the UFO he noticed, and disappeared in a flash of light.

The man, in his communication to the video said that the UFO he saw at once, after all he was busy at the time setting of the lens for observing Saturn. Ufologists to explain this phenomenon have failed, and scientists are in no way speak about it. They argue that the facility was very impressive size, and he can not be the aircraft of earthly origin.

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