Astronomers have found an unusual star, which for 60 years has exploded twice

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The star exploded, survived and exploded again after 60 years. Heavenly analogue of a monster from a horror movie star, the revived after death.

An international team of astronomers, led by Carnegie (USA), discovered a star that exploded several times in the past 60 years. The study, published in Nature, has destroyed the current view on the final star of life. It is reported

In September 2014 a team of astronomers from the group of the Palomar Transient Factory discovered in the sky a new explosion iPTF14hls. The light emitted event were analyzed for the rate and chemical composition of the material ejected during the flare. The analysis showed that sne II-P, and in this event there was nothing strange until a few months later, the supernova has not become brighter.

Two years iPTF14hls five times brighter, it is unlikely that other supernova that disappears in about 100 days. Credit: Nature

Астрономы нашли необычную звезду, которая за 60 лет взрывалась два раза

Supernova type II-P usually remain bright for approximately 100 days. But iPTF14hls kept the brightness to more than 600 days! Moreover, historical data has shown an explosion in the same place in 1954. It turned out that this star exploded more than half a century ago, has survived and exploded again in 2014.

The tool «SED Machine», built by Nick Konidaris and his colleagues from the California Institute of technology (USA), became the key to the analysis of light from iPTF14hls, which was darkened, and brightens at least five times within two years. «The SED Machine» is able to quickly classify supernovae and other short-lived astronomical events.

In the photo at left, taken Observatory Sky Survey, shows the estimated explosion iPTF14hls in 1954, which is not visible on the later picture, filmed in 1993 (right). It is believed that supernovae explode only once, Shine for several months and then disappear, but iPTF14hls experienced at least two explosions in 60 years. Credit: POSS/DSS/LCO/S. Wilkinson

Астрономы нашли необычную звезду, которая за 60 лет взрывалась два раза

Stellar explosions tell astronomers about the origin of much of the material that makes up the Universe. The supernova may even trigger the formation of star systems similar to ours.

«Classifying short-term celestial events is incredibly difficult. That’s why we built «the SED Machine». But I did not expect that he will help perform blast, as odd as the star zombie,» said Nick Konidaris, the study’s lead author from the University of Carnegie.

Scientists will continue monitoring iPTF14hls and search similar outbreaks in the hope to uncover the secret of the survival of such space objects.

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