In the video, filmed a UFO masquerading as the sun

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На видео сняли НЛО, маскирующееся под солнце

Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring gets materials about UFOs and other mysterious phenomena from around the world. The USA sent him a video in which a UFO disguised as a second sun (see video) .

Two suns in the sky – phenomenon, though rare, but do not represent anything supernatural, according to the scientists, is just «halo.» However, eyewitnesses observing a bright object in the sky over America, argue that «halo» it was not quite similar. First, second sun was located quite far from this sun, almost in the other side. It appeared on the left, while the real sun was shining on the right.

UFO in the sun was as bright, only slightly smaller. The witnesses watched the strange object for several minutes until it suddenly went out (or departed).

Scott Waring has not yet commented on this video. On his personal website this material is not found another place, maybe the UFO just doesn’t get it or did not consider interesting (and may, in fact, it was the usual «halo»?) To say that the video is a little dated, it is impossible, because among the latter materials, which are published Scott, photographs (see below) of a flying saucer that accidentally shot the tourists from Slovakia at the end of August this year.

На видео сняли НЛО, маскирующееся под солнце

A man named Miroslav from Bratislava travelled with his son in the mountains near the city of banská štiavnica. Naturally, tourists have shot beautiful landscapes. On one of the photos taken from the car window, a splendid backdrop of mountains suddenly found a «flying saucer». Judging by the blur of the UFO, says Scott Waring, the speed of the object was decent. In form it is a classic machine aliens. Well, tourists from Slovakia are to be congratulated with a good picture!

На видео сняли НЛО, маскирующееся под солнце

It seems, soon Scott Waring will respond and footage of UFO that can camouflage under the sun, and then the Internet have already started again to talk about the mysterious planet Nibiru, although NASA issued a final verdict like this, making an official statement that no Planet X exists. But who of the normal ufologists and even more so from the conspiracy theorists believe NASA statements?..

Video: video was filmed a UFO, masquerading as the sun

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