Mystery of severed human heads with Mason road

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In December 2014 the student of a local school was found on the side of a country road Mason road, 30 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a severed human head. The guy first thought it was the remains of a deer, but then saw the head, which is of the grass looked right at him.

The terrified young man ran away and told about their terrible discovery to the police. Police with dogs and people searched all around, but never found the other parts of the body of an unknown victim. Or rather lost, as the head, by the looks of it, belonged to a 50-60 year old woman.

Her face was very clean and well maintained, all teeth were in place and the dentist did a very good job on them, and her hair was smoothly painted in silver gray color. In addition, the woman’s head was carefully embalmed.

The cut that separated the head from her nenajdenko body was very fine and smooth, and the rest of the spine from the cervical was carefully removed.

The sketch was found the head, created by artist Michelle Vitale. A woman named Jane DOE (code name for all unidentified women)

Тайна отрубленной человеческой головы с Мейсон Роуд

The identity of women through the dental records gave nothing, and created by the artist drawing her appearance, common in the media, also went into the void. The fact that the head was embalmed, may have indicated that the woman’s head brought out of the morgue or dug out of the grave after the funeral.

However, inspection of the cemeteries and morgues also yielded nothing and no one to the funeral home didn’t recognize this woman. None of the local cemeteries found no evidence of desecration of graves.

Тайна отрубленной человеческой головы с Мейсон Роуд

The cause of her death remained unclear and other remains of her body never was found. The more criminologists studied her head, the more questions they had, and all it takes an ominously mystical turn.

Her vessels were found traces of lidocaine and atropine, therefore, there is a version that the woman performed CPR. It is possible that she was the cause of her death. But who embalmed her head, and then carefully cut it off and threw it in the road?

In the study eye occurred more puzzles, as the eyeball has not been found, instead they were thin lenses (in the morgue) and beneath the red rubber balls. There was a version that the eyes were removed for donor purposes, but this is usually used only cornea and replaced the eye completely red balls is not exactly a common procedure. A local doctor has never seen anything like it.

Тайна отрубленной человеческой головы с Мейсон Роуд

In the end, the researchers came to a very sinister speculation. If the woman’s head separated from the body with surgical precision and with no knives, and surgical instruments, cut out her eyes, embalmed her, and carefully removed part of the spine and with all that I have never been through the morgue or the hospital, it was done clandestinely. It is a well-developed and hidden network on trade in body parts.

After that, the researchers did attempt to find out whether it is possible to buy on the black market of organs of the human head. But when their idea was recognized by the police, they had to abandon it. But a Reuters reporter Brian grow (by Brian Grow) decided to make his own investigation and he found someone who was ready for $ 300 to sell him two human heads. Grow bought these and after reviewing them, he concluded that the cuts on them are very similar to the slits on the head of the unidentified Jane DOE.

Тайна отрубленной человеческой головы с Мейсон Роуд

Thus, Jane DOE could be a victim of underground organ trafficking and was killed by them. But the mystery remained. Why there are no traces? Search for DNA also gave nothing. This woman like he never existed.

Andrew cull, a senior detective from the district attorney’s office County of beaver, in 2016, admitted that for two years the search for the identity of Jane DOE almost drove him crazy. He says he has never encountered such a mysterious thing.

The big problem was the huge number of corpses that are almost impossible to identify. This unidentified corpses from medical institutions, the corpses of those who bequeathed their bodies to science, the cadavers are used in military tests, crash tests, and even tests of NASA. These bodies or body parts in large quantities are bought and sold in the United States quite legally.

The case of the mysterious female head with Mason road was widely reported in the press, but it has not moved forward a single step. The mystery remains the cause of her death, who separated the head from the body, why head was embalmed and replaced the eyes with red balls, and then just dumped on a deserted rural road, which almost nobody goes.

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