Beasts of the Baskervilles, the terror of the inhabitants of medieval England

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When Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his detective masterpiece where the main character was the hound of the Baskervilles, no one knew she exist real prototypes. These monstrous beasts terrified the inhabitants of medieval England, and is described in folklore.

Звери Баскервилей наводили ужас на жителей средневековой Англии

Most of the stories associated with Sherlock Holmes, the writer borrowed in police Chronicles, but this story was told by Fletcher Robinson, a former military doctor and a journalist. They met in 1900, when traveling in the train, and then the conversation touched folk tales, and the man told the chilling facts related to black dog, which became the Bane of the Eastern part of the country. Several centuries the people of Blythburgh faced a beast of great size, with red eyes, killed the adults and a teenager escaped the power of fire. One gentleman of Dartmouth noticed an unusual beast like a calf, and then wanted to Pat him on the coat, but felt the emptiness at hand. Suddenly a loud explosion threw the man with multiple injuries is far away from the creature.

The detailed description of the strange and terrible miracle can be found in the parish book of the city of Bangui. In 1577, was a strong storm, and it was raining, but people have noticed among lightning’s appearance and have a scary appearance. It happened during the service, when a large dark individual broke into the Church, and then she killed two people and disappeared in the eyes of the shocked congregation. Then the monster went on his bloody way in the Church of the Holy Trinity, located near the place where chose three victims, including a child. No one could logically explain the terrible nature of the incident, so that stories of the invisible servant of darkness began to spread over Britain.

Time passed, and in 1672 the County of Devon shocked the tragedy that happened at the home of squire Richard cable. He lived near Buckfastleigh, but the locals considered him a terrible person, pigovaeva that the man sold his soul to the devil and were often beaten his wife together with the maid. The woman can not withstand such torment and decided to run away, only monster caught up with her in the swamp, brutally killing his victim, but immediately found himself surrounded by scary black animals, not uttering a sound. They devoured the sinner, that’s just after the funeral, people began to notice the terrible tomb of the black dog howling at the moon. They decided to do for the dead the iron sarcophagus, but that didn’t stop the creature, continuing to come back to this place. Now many brave souls are risking the cemetery to visit personally to see the mystical monster, looking for new prey.

Scientists after their research, became convinced that the British in their legends always mention four-legged servants of hell, so decided to find these events a logical explanation. The first version was simple and dealt with dogs who were allowed to come to the service with the owners. It is no secret that animals are afraid of thunder, so that one individual could bark and run around the Church while the parishioners with fear thinking about a bloodthirsty and cruel monster. She’s just not explained the emergence of analogue in many parts of the country, seen even in the 20th century. Researcher Trevor beer with Nigel Brili decided to interview 100 people, who told us about the peat swamp, where often there’s a monster, similar to a leopard or Panther. Then in this area were found pieces of wool, immediately sent to the laboratory. The analysis showed that the owner is a representative of a large kind of cat, but these animals are not on English soil.

Media published sensational news, which reported on was found the skull of a predator and a Bengal cat, terrorizing the population until the brave hunters did not send him to another world. After a lengthy investigation, experts managed to find the culprit, caught by the Cheetah. This beauty is famous for its quick movements and a quiet walk but don’t like to hide the claws when running, after which the tracks resemble a dog. Such a vast creation never before was not found in the homes of the British, but in the 9th century many noble lords kept in castles the personal menageries of exotic species. These individuals were a special pride of the people, but when they escaped from captivity, at once terrified the population. Ancestral curse can also be explained by the hard treatment of the human animal, decided to take revenge on his enemy for the caused sufferings.

“Baskerville hall” is now a hotel, and the estate itself belongs to Welshman David Walk, who told reporters that it inspired the writer to create a new novel. He even showed the document with the signatures of the writer and Ralph Baskerville, as sir Arthur was friends with this family and often visited the ancestral home of his characters in 1839. The basis of the legend of the curse began the tradition of describing a horrible monster Black Won, instead of other counterparts from other parts of the country.

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