Outbreak of plague has killed in Madagascar over 120 people

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According to UN reports, more than 120 people have died and over 1300 are infected with deadly pneumonic plague, which is raging in Madagascar. Media are already saying that this epidemic can easily spread to other countries. Especially heavy situation in the capital, Antananarivo.

Reportedly, the reason for the epidemic were climate anomalies, who were given the name «Godzilla» associated with El Nino, because of which the temperature has risen and Madagascar in 2016 rapidly increased the number of rats. Subsequent forest fires drove swarms of rats, which had fleas — the carriers of Yersinia pestis to human cities.

Вспышка чумы уже убила на Мадагаскаре свыше 120 человек

The main difference between pneumonic plague from bubonic plague, which killed people in the middle ages, — the presence of pneumonia. Pneumonic plague is spread through coughing. According to doctors, the current outbreak of plague kills a man during the day, if it is not time to inject a sufficient amount of antibiotics.

African Department of health is trying to contain the spread of pneumonic plague, however, local authorities fear that the disease may spread beyond the continent.

Arrows mark like the plague in Madagascar could spread to other regions. At risk of Seychelles, reunion, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros and Mauritius.

Вспышка чумы уже убила на Мадагаскаре свыше 120 человек

It is reported that among infected about 50 people from various humanitarian organizations. The African branch who declares that the plague died 93 people, in official UN reports noted 124 victims.

The official representative of the who said in an interview that the risk of spreading diseases is very high at the national level, because the plague is simultaneously present in several cities, and this is only the beginning of the outbreak.

Вспышка чумы уже убила на Мадагаскаре свыше 120 человек

In the history of mankind had three great pandemics of plague. First, Justiniana plague began in 542 and lasted for 50 or even 60 years. Hardest affected regions were Central and Eastern Africa (from there it probably came), and the coast of the Mediterranean sea. First, the plague began to rage in the ports, and then the infection travelled into countries. Judging by the stories about those times, the disease could claim the lives of 100 million people.

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