From the base of geologists reported about the mysterious explosion in the area of Dyatlov pass

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In the mountains of the Northern Urals, in the area of Dyatlov pass, a few days ago was a blast. About it «URA.RU» said the resident of the village nyaksimvol in KHMAO Leonid centurions, working as a caretaker on the basis of geologists «Arbigny», 100 km from Dyatlov pass.

According to his story, it happened on November 12, but because on the basis of catches no telephone (there is only a weak satellite Internet), only recently he was able to get in touch «URA.RU» and to transmit this information.

«I was asleep around two am I heard a hum like a fighter gaining fast and the furious — told Leonid. — Then a sharp clap. House shook, dogs barked. I jumped up, got dressed, rushed out into the street. South of the location of the base dogs were barking — it’s just to the side of Dyatlov pass. It surprised me greatly: around the base for hundreds of kilometers there is nothing a pair of settlements, one base Zolotarev Yes, a team of drillers 40 km from us, but to explode it that way just nothing».

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С базы геологов сообщили о загадочном взрыве в районе перевала Дятлова

According to his version, the explosion could have «cosmic» origin.

«I’m not sure, but I think it could be a meteorite or some space debris, says Sotnikov. — Local old-timers say that maybe training launches of missiles: here, there, spent stage fall».

Meanwhile, as the head of the search and rescue team in Karpinsk Michael Bastron, these days (10-e number Nov 2017) had not received any information about the incident in the Northern Ural rocket stages (usually the Federal space Agency warns the rescuers for a few days).

Base «Arminia» is 95 km from Njaksimvol on the river Manija — from this base to the Dyatlov pass about 100 km to the South (with her group of travelers sometimes make in the winter ski trips on the plateau Manpupuner, where there are 70-meter high pillars of the giants).

The Dyatlov pass got its name in memory of the group of tourists Ural Polytechnic Institute, who died on 2 February 1959 on the slopes of mount Kholat syakhl: the searchers found at the scene cut the tent and five bodies of tourists, the rest had been discovered only two months under the snow. The materials of the criminal case about the death of tourists for many years was classified, the cause of the incident is still uncertain.

  • Researcher Valentin Degterev found at the Dyatlov pass «UFO wreckage»
  • In the recent death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass found mystical coincidences with the death of the Dyatlov group
  • The Dyatlov pass took the life of another person
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