In the Park Chicago by a young couple attacked by a black humanoid creature

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New case of collision with Chicago mysterious humanoid creature reported by the website UFO Clearinghouse, collecting eyewitness accounts of encounters with UFOs and unusual creatures.

The author of this website researcher of anomalous phenomena Manuel Navarrete (Manuel Navarette), who has more than 20 years studying the UFO phenomenon and in the spring of 2017 keeps record of meetings with the Chicago «Man-moth» — black flying humanoid creature with red eyes.

A new incident happened on the 27th October 2017 in the Chicago Park Park Piotrowski at about 22.30. A guy and a girl at the age of 21 decided to take a walk in the Park after work. They arrived there each in his car and drove to the Parking lot, sat in the car of the guy and chatted about various things, listening to music.

В парке Чикаго на молодую пару напало черное человекоподобное существо

Suddenly something hit their car from behind. The girl and the guy is very surprised, because in the Parking lot so late there were no other cars except a car girl, and wasn’t around other people.

«My boyfriend was about to get out of the car, to see what could have hit his car, and at that moment something with sound landed right on soot our car in front of the windshield. We looked forward and both screamed in horror as we watched two large bright orange eyes. The very same creature was the silhouette looks like a man, except that behind him was something like a widely spaced large wings. It was completely black in color».

Being several times attacked the windshield as if it was trying to climb inside the car. The girl’s boyfriend finally came to himself a little and turned on the flashlight, laying it in the glove box, sending it directly into the head of this creature. Black being at this point screamed «like a few people yelled at once», took off from the hood of the car straight up and disappeared in the darkness.

В парке Чикаго на молодую пару напало черное человекоподобное существо

«After that, we two more times in a minute heard him yell nearby, as if he was flying somewhere above us, and then finally silence. We were both scared, and I cried from fear and for some time was afraid to leave the car, because I thought that this creature could attack me.»

A guy and a girl sat in the car for another 15 minutes, then she carefully moved to his car, accompanied by her boyfriend, who immediately after he brought his girlfriend to her car, as fast as possible ran back to his car.

«I’ve never been so scared, — continues the story of a girl, when I got to his house, I went to the bathroom and calmed down. Then me and my friend had a long talk about this incident, when on Monday I came to work, and in the evening I decided to look on the Internet, you didn’t do this thing someone else. And I was shocked when I saw that there were many such messages.»

В парке Чикаго на молодую пару напало черное человекоподобное существо

At the end of his message the girl says that they are ready to discuss your incident with the specialist and show the exact place where it happened. She is afraid to discuss things with someone else, such as talk about «weird things» can threaten her with dismissal and threats to her family.

In the spring of 2017 from Chicago received more than a dozen reports of encounters with strange large flying humanoid creature with red eyes. Someone thinks its analogue foreshadowing misfortunes of the Man-Moth from point pleasant, someone calls the Devil, a Ghost, a phantom, and so on.

Skeptics believe that these messages are either outright fabrications, or this was an encounter with owls or large bats.

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