Because of the fear of a female Ghost of Indian villages fled all the men

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Tiny Indian village Kakaguda, which is located near Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana, will soon be completely abandoned, as the stories about vengeful female Ghost made all men to flee the community.

The village is inhabited by 60 families, panic-stricken after the death of three people in the last few months. Their deaths occurred under mysterious circumstances, then all over the village word spread that they were the victim of a female Ghost which is attacking only men.

Из-за страха перед женщиной-призраком из индийской деревушки сбежали все мужчины

The only inhabitants in the village were women who, like themselves are afraid of an evil spirit and do not go outside their homes at night.

Unfortunately, the male population Casigua chose to escape from the village, and not to unite to protect their community.

How to react wife in the absence of their husbands, remains to be seen, because they have not yet returned to the village, but surely when they decide to do it, then some time will sleep on a narrow sofa.

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