«I met an alien after the moment of clinical death, and then saw him among the people on the street»

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Among the many stories of contacts with representatives of an alien mind and alien abductions but this seems very unusual. Firstly there were no «gray» big-eyed alien, the alien looked almost human, and the author of the history was not kidnapped, she met him in the hospital when were in a state of clinical death. Second later she saw the man on the street among crowds of people and he also recognized her.

But about all under the order. This story was told Nadezhda Fedotova living in the city Novocheboksarsk, Chuvashia.

— I lay once in the hospital. Temperature I got were very high. Three days lain, sitting on the bed. Finally felt some relief and decided to get out of bed, like, at least to move a little. Swinging hand over hand along the wall, went into the corridor. And there he lost consciousness, fell to the floor.

"Я встретила инопланетянина после момента клинической смерти, а потом видела его среди людей на улице города"

At the same moment, imagine I realized myself outside my own body. She saw herself lying on the floor. Heard someone calling shouting, then saw a nurse and a woman doctor, who had fled along the corridor to me, or rather, to what was me, to the lifeless body, from which I just emerged.

Medicci picked up the body, dragged him on the couch, in the hallway nearby. Began to fuss around him, softly but excitedly talking.

I could clearly see their every move and hear their every word is watched from somewhere under the ceiling. After a while I pulled down. I walked back into my own body, just attracted to it by a magnet. After she awoke, I told the doctor and nurse word for word everything they told you, what did you do while I was, from their point of view, unconscious. The doctor gets the heart rate up when she heard my report. Eyes climbed on a forehead from surprise.

Several hours passed and night fell.

And at night I again went out of his body. You see, were in the form of a distinct translucent «copy» in a strange room with an oval ceiling. I wasn’t alone. Around me stood men of tremendous growth. One of them spoke. Remember that the man called himself an alien.

He tried to persuade me to go somewhere with this company giants. I firmly refused. Then the man said that their company will come again to meet me in a few years. He added: «then we will take you with us forever.»

The appearance of all the other tall aliens do not remember. But while the appearance of the man, talked with me, etched in my memory with complete clarity. He was the shortest player in the company and still its growth reached almost two meters. Cute guy with rather ordinary human face. Bald! Well, quite bald! Opinion — good, lip — disproportionate face is very small, folded bow, nose — straight…

Was it a dream? Or I have actually been aboard a «flying saucer»? And got there — and I very clearly remember that! — as a kind of transparent «astral clot» and not in his physical body.

A dream or reality? It is difficult to say something definite. Well, let’s say, it was a dream. But here has passed two months after my release from the hospital. I stood once at a bus stop. I see some familiar like the man crosses the road. It was a very tall man with a bald skull and a straight nose.

Caught my eye not really relevant other large facial features, small lips, folded into a bow. The man, without stopping, he passed by the place where I was standing. In that moment, when he came up to me, our eyes met.

And I found it! And he, in turn, also recognized me! Faintly smiled, nodded in greeting with his head and silently stomped an even step past the bus stop.

I was absolutely taken aback. Stared blankly after him, leaving without looking back down the street further and further. He wore an ordinary grey suit, the kind you can buy in any Department store.

Alien high growth did not differ from people — from those, say, passers-by hurrying about their business up and down the street…

This is what happens? The Venezuelan quietly roam our cities, do we have, as I understand it, a sort of interplanetary espionage?! And people are not even aware of that side by side with them live in the Land of the secret agents of extraterrestrial intelligence center?!

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