Washington police arrested an armed man who was going «to fight with people-lizards»

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55-year-old resident of Eatonville, Washington, was detained in pierce County, Washington, with the AK-47 and a pistol. At detention the man said that the weapons he needs to fight with people-lizards («lizard people»). It is reported komonews.com with reference to the County Sheriff’s office.

According to the man, about people-the lizards he was warned by the President himself, Donald trump. After detention the man was placed in a psychiatric hospital for examination and evaluation of his mental state.

Photo: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

В Вашингтоне полиция задержала вооруженного мужчину, который ехал "сражаться с людьми-ящерами"

It happened at 8 PM last Saturday. 911 received an alarm call that the white Jeep Cherokee that had stopped at the intersection of 108th Street South and Pacific Avenue South, there was a man with a gun in his hand.

When the police surrounded the man, they ordered him to put the gun in the car. The man did so, but began to shout about the need to report in the news about people-lizards. After that, he conquered and he resisted when he was handcuffed, so police used a Taser.

During interrogation the detainee said that he had taken methamphetamine to lose weight, as well as prescription morphine, but was assured that it doesn’t make him crazy and continued to assert that the lizard men is a reality. He said that when he was in Eatonville, he called the President a trump and told about people-lizards, and even said that «the alpha dragon» took hostage his family.

Photo: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

В Вашингтоне полиция задержала вооруженного мужчину, который ехал "сражаться с людьми-ящерами"

Then the detainee said that he stopped where he was detained, because he was there attacked by lizard men and he came out with weapons to fight them, because we followed the instructions of their President. He also said that he wanted to attract media attention, so they recorded all of «the history».

Doctors claim that the detainee was under the strong influence of stimulants. Found in the cabin of his automobile an AK-47 and a pistol were loaded. Nearby lay five full spare magazines for the machine.


Lizard men or reptilians — a hypothetical race of humanoid reptiles, whose members are often portrayed as having an extraterrestrial origin, and also has the intelligence and ability to take human form.

One of the first people who began to massively spread the ideas about the existence of reptilians, was the writer David Icke, according to which lizard-like aliens from outer space took power over mankind, and the most influential people on Earth, including the Queen of UK and various US presidents are actually reptilians.

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