On the shroud of Turin — just Jesus

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On the shroud of Turin — just Jesus. Scientists explained how did the image of the son of God on the burial cloth in which he was wrapped. Photo taken for almost 2 thousand years ago.

На Туринской плащанице — точно Иисус

Photo: wikipedia.org

Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth with a length 437 and width 111 cm. It is stored in the Italian city of Turin in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. On the canvas are distinguishable two negative typo of the human body with signs of injury in front and back.

Some believe that this cloth was wrapped removed from the cross, the Savior whose body and imprinted on the fabric in some inexplicable way.

Skeptics doubt. And I suspect that the shroud is still fake. That is, the image on it, if not drawn, then somehow obtained artificially. Both sides fiercely debate for many years.

And here, new results in favor of those who believe in the authenticity of the shroud of Turin. Scientists from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino) presented his explanation of how the imprint of a human body could appear on the fabric.

Head of research group Professor Alberto Carpinteri (Professor Alberto Carpinteri) assures that the image was created by the neutron flux. The cloth was like a photographic plate, they are «illuminated». This powerful radiation, which, in the end, scorching the fibers of the fabric, the body at her — cloth — and projected.

What was the source of the radiation? It, according to the researchers, gave rise to the depths during the strong earthquake of 8.2 points, which occurred in old Jerusalem in 33 ad when Jesus ‘ body wrapped in a shroud, lying in the cave. Now this place is called the Sepulchre. Over it was erected a temple, which annually erupts in Holy fire.

According to the Professor, radiation distorted the results of radiocarbon Dating conducted in several independent laboratories in 1988, changed the content of the isotope carbon-14, the concentration of which determined the date of the origin of organic artifacts. The Dating showed that the shroud was manufactured in the period between 1260 and 1390. That is, Jesus did not come in contact with.

На Туринской плащанице — точно Иисус

The Vatican does not recognize the shroud genuine, but considers it the holiest Christian site Photo: the Vatican

By the way, Professor Giulio Fanti (Professor Giulio Fanti), the expert in the field of mechanics and thermal measurements of the faculty of engineering of the University of Padua believes that the results of the radiocarbon Dating could be distorted by the impact of fire and water on the fabric — she was injured in the fire. Moreover, the shroud was cooked in sunflower oil, trying to clean away the soot.

But in the Polytechnic University of Turin insist on radiation.

Check to

The assumption that the image on the shroud could be a result of exposure to a certain radiation occurred before. But Turin, scientists first pointed out the source. And now insist that the shroud of Turin is authentic.

And yet, the hypothesis will remain a hypothesis until the researchers will not create a similar image on the fabric, using a neutron source. They also plan to apply current to the Pope requesting permission to conduct a molecular analysis of the cloth using the latest technology. The goal is to find traces of the influence of the neutron flux. In addition to the scorched fibers, of course.


The bowels do emit

American researchers from the University of Denver in the laboratory found that a granite cube under a lot of pressure begins to emit electromagnetic radiation, on its sides there are electric potentials, — says Stanislav Smirnov,senior researcher at research Institute of precision instruments,

member of the Russian geographical society. — May be released and the neutrons.

The intensity of the electromagnetic and the neutron flux increases many times when the destruction of rocks. That is, during earthquakes. And gives rise to unusual phenomena.

In China in 1976, for 5 hours before the first strikes the night sky for 20 minutes lit up like day. And half an hour a powerful flash intermittent light made an impression of an atomic explosion. In some areas the leaves of the trees and garden plants were scorched.

In 1999, before the earthquake in Turkey, the sea water is heated, although in this place there are no underwater volcanoes.

A few hours before the Tashkent earthquake of 1966 was lit disabled fluorescent lamp, electrical wires sparked.

In short, the radiation power of the subsoil would be enough to singe the fibers of the shroud.

By the WAY

To falsifiziert impossible

In 2011, the believers were encouraged by the National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development of Italy (Enea). It published a report on five years of research of the shroud of Turin, which was attended by a group of American scientists STURP (Shroudof Turin Reasearch Project). Their findings and own analysis allowed the authors of the report — scientists di Lazzaro, Murra, Santoni, Nichelatti and Baldacchini is to say: the shroud of Turin is not fake.

«Double image, front and back, of a man subjected to torture and crucifixion, which can be seen on the linen cloth of the shroud of Turin, reported the scientists in the report — has many unusual characteristics, chemical and physical, which are currently impossible to reproduce in laboratory conditions, it is impossible to repeat, and thus falsify the image on the shroud. But it also does not allow to formulate a reliable hypothesis about the mechanism of formation of the print. Today, science is unable to explain how the shroud was formed imprint of the body. It was only found that the body was on the canvas no more than two days.»

Well, the hypothesis is eventually formulated. Professor Alberto Carpinteri tried. But let them prove that it is not wrong.

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