A group of UFO objects in the sky above Kaliningrad coast

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A group of UFO objects in the sky above Kaliningrad coast. In the evening many residents of Kaliningrad witnessed the appearance in the sky above the coast, groups of unidentified objects UFOs.

Группа объектов НЛО в небе над калининградским побережьем

About flying in the sky of luminous spherical objects are already talking in Kulikovo, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk and other coastal cities and towns.

A resident of the village tells Light that he saw bright objects (UFOs) from the window of his house at 23:36-23:40. According to her, they slowly went down. Angelica slyusareva from Baltiysk noticed in the sky a group of UFOs somewhere at 23:50. She says that at first the object just hung in the sky, but then suddenly went out, not leaving any evidence behind.

Some witnesses anomalies tell that a few UFO’s first move against the strong wind, and then lined up in a circle and disappeared.

The press service ZVO on the Baltic fleet said the military that night over the territory of the region was not seen any objects. Flights of military aircraft was also made.

In turn, the ufologist Boris Shurinov believes that Kaliningrad was lucky enough to see most that neither is a real UFO.

«I’ve seen something similar on the records of East Germany. There was also at least seven such balls, all spinning. It’s hard to say where it came from this object, but obviously it wasn’t made on Earth,» – said the ufologist.

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