Adygei videotaped 200-pound hairy Bigfoot (video)

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Adygei videotaped 200-pound hairy Bigfoot. Adyghe rescuers had an unusual operation — the whole group went into the mountains in search of Bigfoot.

Адыгейцы сняли на видео 200-килограммового лохматого снежного человека (видео)

Video of the Adygei regional specialists transferred to the owners of the local tourist center and reported that shots — none other than Bigfoot. Like, accidentally bumped into him in the woods and managed to turn a camera phone. However, the value in the video experts have not found: too much like a human hero. It is possible that the staged shooting: thus businessmen are trying to attract customers. Perhaps all of this record would be forgotten, but the remote controller rescue service received a few calls from tourists and locals. They all said that, also saw Bigfoot. By day he is allegedly hiding in the mountains, mainly in caves, and at night comes out of hiding.

Ludmila hristoforova, an eyewitness: «there is quite a lot, like a bear, but it’s not a bear. We came close, but the door was seen as something flashed pretty hairy, huge.»

To find out who is this Yeti, rescuers went to the mountains. At an altitude of almost one thousand meters, the squad went on the trail. The prints in the snow: each — 47 centimeters in length and 20 in width. Information about the discovery of the unusual expedition participants decided to transfer scientist. Realizing that in this case every detail is important, photos and video reports were not limited to — on the spot prepared a plaster solution and made an impression. But even without special expertise is clear: the growth of the person who left the track — two meters and a weight of not less than 200 pounds.

Senior search team Andrei Kazaryan said: such traces could leave a snow man. In addition, the rescuer is sure that Bigfoot himself is watching. Emergency officer says: one night, during a halt, he allegedly heard his steps.

Andrei Kazaryan, employee Adyghe search and rescue team of EMERCOM of Russia: «I heard on the street next to the building steps. Then it turned out that all this time was in place. Clearly tapped crunch of snow. Then, when traces were found, he was pushing 5-6 inches in depth.»

Upon returning to the village rescuers gave the plaster prints scientists and employees of the local Museum. By the way, the Yeti is devoted an entire exhibition.

It is worth noting that the casts of Yeti footprints were here before. For example, some foreign scholars have done 18 years ago, during an expedition to the mountains of Adyghe. Experts have said that in the near future they intend to carry out so-called anatomical examination. To compare the following and see if it is really Bigfoot, then we are talking about one and the same individual or is it the trail left by the offspring.

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