Internet users, spooked unusual «alien» insect

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One of the residents of Indonesia on behalf of Handic (Gandik) captured on video an unusual insect with a long and a very strange hairy appendages and posted on his Facebook page. The video immediately became viral and «scattered» all over the world.

Пользователей Интернета напугало необычное "инопланетное" насекомое

Comments to the video was very eloquent: «If I saw such a creature at home, I would sleep there all flamethrower», «I’ve seen something similar in Bolivia, it looks like an alien,» «Now I began to be afraid of moths», «This is a new kind of pokémon?». Someone was sure that a picture is photoshopped or it is some kind of mutant insect. In addition, the roller was difficult to ascertain what the insect sizes and many thought that it is giant.

The insect looked like a hairy moth, which from the back part of the abdomen protruded two curved process, longer than the insect’s body. Some even thought that the video captured a butterfly with a mushroom-parasite (a species of fungi, parasitic on insects, do exist).

It was later revealed that the video captured the moth species Creatonotos gangis. It lives in Asia and Australia (so far there is no known for its biting and creeping animals of Australia) and by size (without shoots) will safely fit on your fingertip.

Пользователей Интернета напугало необычное "инопланетное" насекомое

And unusual appendages is actually a special organs that grow only in males in a certain period of time, they produce pheromones to attract a partner of the opposite sex.

Пользователей Интернета напугало необычное "инопланетное" насекомое

Пользователей Интернета напугало необычное "инопланетное" насекомое

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