Psychic Vlad Kadono has predicted the United States only until March 2018

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Экстрасенс Влад Кадони предрек США жизнь лишь до марта 2018 года

Well-known Novosibirsk magician Vlad Kadono, even on the TV show «Battle of psychics», demonstrating amazing abilities, has admitted that he can communicate with the spirits, who tell him many interesting things, including about the future. The other day Vlad told reporters that it was the spirit of a great native American shaman who told: the United States of America left to live quite a bit — just until March 2018 .

From the mighty USA will not be over, because this country, for its interventions in the Affairs of many sovereign States, the outbreak of wars and revolutions, murders millions of innocent citizens have already done their black mission in this world and its end a foregone conclusion. The law of boomerang that no one has yet canceled, when evil returns to its Creator, is able to destroy the United States.

USA, says the psychic with the words of the shaman, will collapse very quickly, it will take a few months. In March, the States will start to declare their independence. Though really independent, in the end, there will be only 17 States, the rest to join the other States: the part to Canada, part of Mexico, and Florida, for example, will become part of Cuba.

Here are the predictions from the spirit of Indian shaman, who spoke to the Siberian psychic. We will wait – whether future, which has been shown to Vlad Kadoni, is implemented in our reality or the United States will again be able to wriggle out and escape to more fertile reality? Powerful dark forces that stand behind this country, can turn all the way, even in this little doubt…

Anyone interested in the fate of Russia and the longer term in the development world, the predictions of Vanga in the new video.

Video: Psychic Vlad Kadono has predicted the United States only until March 2018

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