By the summer of 2018 Ukraine will cease to exist

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К лету 2018 года Украина прекратит свое существование

Another witch TV show «Battle of psychics» decided to share his vision of the future — Darius Voskoboeva. Looking through my magic crystal ball, which says the psychic, reflect the past and the future, Dasha saw what would become of Ukraine: by the summer of 2018, the country thousands of misfortunes will simply cease to exist .

She commented herself a sorceress:

New year for the Square starts large shocks that will transform the country. In spring the team of Petro Poroshenko will be overthrown by the participants of the new Maidan, so that today’s Supreme politicians will have to flee, as once Yanukovych fled from their own country. But after coming to power, the conspirators will not be able to divide seats and portfolios, and therefore quarrel, with the result that Ukraine will disintegrate into five separate independent States. By the summer of Ukraine in modern borders will be gone.

The witch, however, did not specify what kind of state are formed in the course of such turbulent political events in Ukraine, Pro-Western or Pro-Russian, they will, but, I suppose that the people generally will be attracted to Russia, and only the people. Although, if the United States at that time, still remain in the role of global policeman, it would intervene in this new «revolution» in Ukraine and try to turn it in their favor.

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