Starved polar bear shook photographer

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Изголодавшийся полярный медведь потряс фотографа

Canadian professional photographer and biologist Paul Niklen was literally shocked when he saw the hungry to the limit of a polar bear on Baffin island, where he arrived in a part of the crew Sea Legacy. The picture is really heartbreaking .

In his life Paul took the photo and video camera during the many traveling more than three thousand bears, but that he had never seen. Here’s how conveys your feelings scientist:

We stood, staring at this dying from hunger polar bear and literally… cried. Tears of pity and a kind of despair were flowing from his eyes in streams spontaneously, while we filmed it all. The bear was still clinging to life, but it was not an animal, he is a walking skeleton, which instead of thick coats hung what a pathetic leather sheath in rags…

Watch the video, which Niklen later published on video Internet. Note how thin this poor bear, because it is even scary to watch. It is clearly no longer any force to move. However, he continues to fight for life. In the hope of at least some food, he looks in the trash, which was dumped by the fishermen, but it finds nothing, so just falls on the ground, apparently already resigned to inevitable death.

We could do nothing to help him, Paul explains, we didn’t bring any meat products or even tranquilizers to sedate the poor animal. But even if we had food stocks, it would not have saved the bear, but only prolong his suffering. According to the laws of the Canada, we were not allowed to feed wild animals. I recorded these terrible last moments in the life of a polar bear only to people at least a little thought over the fact that they transform the nature of the kind of suffering they have forced wild animals to your reckless and sometimes criminal activities.

Environmental problems due to global warming, which is largely to blame people with its reckless operation, has lead to this, and even more dire consequences. As for polar bears, they are the first to feel the rising temperatures and sea level rise, staying in the summer, almost without food. Not coincidentally environmentalists predict that all this may lead to the complete disappearance of the polar bear as a species.

Video: Starving polar bear shook photographer

Unfortunately, these images only care about the common people, on which little depends. For the money the strong of this world go not on such a crime against nature, and environmentalists in this case are silent in a rag. For example, you don’t even need to look far: today barbarously destroyed forests of Ukraine by the largest companies in the EU countries, which means the same as this polar bear, killed thousands of other animals, not to mention the other consequences of such illegal logging.

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