Astronomers find bizarre planet in the center of the galaxy

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Астрономы нашли ненормальную планету в центре галактики

In the Central part of the galaxy scientists have discovered the unconventional strange object. In particular, experts are wondering whether it is a huge planet or a star is a dwarf type.

Scientists from the Korean Institute of astronomy and space exploration, it was reported that in the vastness of space was seen very strange and not corresponding to the previous models of planet. According to them, in bulge (convex space galaxies, Central galaxies in the form of spirals and lenses in the shape of a ball) the milky Way was seen a huge exoplanet, in the future can become a star. It was reported from «Popular Mechanics».

Bulge sometimes filled with old stellar bodies, and sometimes in the Central part of the galaxy there is a supermassive black hole plan. The mass of this hole is comparable with the very belgem. It was there that astronomers from Korea and was discovered planet, which he called «OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb».

The object size is more than 13 times Jupiter. Still he looks more like substania body, but rather brown dwarfs rather than planets. Researchers the body was opened through the telescope, «Spitzer», and the project «Optical experiment on gravitational lensing,» that is, «OGLE», created by the poles and Americans.

Recall that gravitational lensing is called the method of observing celestial bodies at the moment of passage between the star and the observer. The definition of the object scientists helps cover the quantity of light. Thus was discovered several exoplanets. This method applies not every time, but it can allow scientists and astronomers to get information about the most distant objects in the cosmos.

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