Mysterious underwater pyramid found near Bahamas

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Near new Providence is the most populous island of the Bahamas, recently revealed a mysterious discovery. Known virtual researcher Scott Waring examined satellite images of the ocean floor and found 6 kilometers from this plot of land two huge underwater pyramid.

Загадочные подводные пирамиды найдены возле Багамских островов

The author of the finding says that these structures are in shallow water and therefore perfectly visible from above, it’s amazing that nobody noticed them before. The pyramidal structure, according to Waring, can serve as proof that there once lived the ancient Indians such as the Aztecs or Maya. The expert also does not exclude the possibility that we are talking about an architectural masterpiece of some unknown underwater civilization like Atlantis.

Found by the expert structures are not too similar to each other. The pyramid on the left has an almost perfect shape, but the right and is not a pyramid, by definition, because it has irregular shape with a rectangular ledges. However, Waring there is no doubt that it is man-made objects. The length of each of them is about 100 meters and a height of about 60.

Scott says:

I’m actually more specializers on the aliens, so I think that it could be the handiwork of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Maybe these structures were built 50-100 million years ago, however, the water flow over time, partially destroyed them. I would not say that this is the most ancient man-made structure on Earth, but they are definitely one of the most mysterious. I hope, after the publication of this news, someone thought to go down there and inspect these facilities.

Video: Mysterious underwater pyramid found near Bahamas / Two pyramids found on ocean floor, New Providence Island

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan found this. He says: «I found these two pyramids on the ocean floor near New Providence Island. That is not far from Florida. The pyramids lines are easy to make out and are proof that the nearby island was once inhabited by an ancient Mayan or Aztec like people.»

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