The mystery of the disappearances in Alaska

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In this area of Alaska has disappeared more people than anywhere else in the world.

Why Alaska went missing almost two times more people than live there? Local search and rescue teams conduct hundreds of operations every year, but rarely find signs of people, living or dead. Like these people are — almost literally — vanished into thin air.

Alaska, of course, harsh place, but why so many people and planes lost here, and, moreover, why most of these losses are concentrated in one place?

Загадка исчезновений людей на Аляске

The so-called «Triangle of Alaska» stretches from Juneau to anchorage and North to barrow. It’s thousands of miles of lakes, mountains and wastelands with a sinister reputation.

The first «Triangle» has thundered for the whole world October 16, 1972, when somewhere on the way from anchorage to Juneau the plane went missing political leader Hale Boggs, who was involved in the campaign to raise funds for charity.

The disappearance launched the largest search in US history. Forty military aircraft within 39 days combing the area in search of wreckage or survivors. No scraps of metal, no trace of the man. Nothing.

Загадка исчезновений людей на Аляске

If You ask a local tribe of the Tlingit, they blame it on an evil creature called «Kushtaka» (Kushtaka), which roughly translates as «otter». According to legend, the werewolf luring the victim simulating a baby crying or a woman screaming leads to the nearby river, and pulls it apart. Or turns into yet another Kushtaka.

Загадка исчезновений людей на Аляске

If that’s too farfetched, consider the theory of «wicked cyclone», which States that on the earth there are several places with strong electromagnetic radiation. The most famous example is the Bermuda triangle, but some researchers believe that Stonehenge, Easter island and the Egyptian pyramids also lie in zones with such radiation.

This mysterious radiation, apparently, it damages the body and mind, causing visions, disorientation and confusion. It causes malfunctioning of the engines, which might explain the accident aircraft.

The fact remains — in the state with a population smaller than San Francisco, every four people out of thousands are missing. But worst (and most probable) truth is that people who have nothing to lose, especially going into a deserted tundra of Alaska, never to be found.

  • On the coast of Alaska threw away the remains of yet unidentified living creature
  • In search of Erquiaga — legendary huge brown bear from the North
  • In the United States has allocated 150 thousand dollars for the study of anomalous phenomena in the area of the Bering Strait
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