«The victim’s brother saved me from the rapist»

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This incident happened when I was in seventh grade (during the USSR). Any miracles didn’t believe. Neither the school, nor at home neither religion nor mysticism there was even talk.

Sometimes after school I helped my mother sorting mail. She worked two jobs. And I, as could, tried to alleviate her difficult fate. Was amazed at what our people love to read. Each family subscribed to magazines. Mama’s mail bag stuffed with magazines «Farmer», «Worker», «Soviet screen», «Roman-Gazeta», «Neva», «Spark» and many others were often simply unaffordable. And even Newspapers! And children’s magazines, and letters!

"Погибший брат спас меня от насильника"

I took a small press packs and skipping resounded through the streets. So, for a couple of hours all the mail scattered on the villagers.

I — walk and entertainment, and the mother to help. However, even when I was released, she did not rest and started to prepare dinner, worked on the farm. I don’t remember mom idly spent time.

We lived in a big Ukrainian village. Your home and garden require workers. The family had four children. All my life my mom before everyone got up and later went to bed. And I have not yet grown up, often shied away from any work. Said that I have a lot of lessons. And when I started to understand how mom is hard, became her assistant.

That September day, I remember very well. I did my homework, and when got home mom took a bunch of Newspapers, magazines and letters and went down the street, throwing them into the mailboxes.

It was a Sunny and warm September day. The trees along the streets were beginning to turn yellow. I stomped on the roads, strewn with rustling leaves. And the air was so fragrant and clean!

I slowly walked down the path to a new, newly built House of culture. Suddenly the sky darkened. It happens here in the South. The sun is shining, but run across a small cloud and will close the little slice of heaven. Cloud will spill the warm rain and then the sky is clean again-clean! Again the sun is shining and smiling. And in the sky a beautiful rainbow! And hanging it dogodogo, delighting all.

This day also passed over a cloud, and the sky darkened. The sun hid. And fell the first big drops.

So as not to wet the mail, I ran to the building and slipped inside. In the spacious lobby was cool. I have always left mail on the library in the building. Still holding a stack of Newspapers and magazines, I went to the window. On the street it was already bucketing down!

I thought, how great that he managed to hide, and Newspapers with magazines get soaked. And then I heard the footsteps behind him. Looked around and shuddered. In the shadows of the lobby there was some guy. Unknown. But it is very annoying and drunk — I even at a distance clearly felt emanating from him, the smell of fume. He stood and looked at me. And I have goose bumps on the skin.

A guy came up to me. Stared intently and laid his hand on my shoulder.

I pulled away, stepped to the door. Felt heart loudly and began pounding. My throat was suddenly tight, I realized that I can’t even scream or say something to this guy. And he was blatantly grinning, reached out and took from my hand a pile of Newspapers and magazines. Threw them on the window sill.

I stared at him. Like a fool! Like a lamb! And I couldn’t help myself. But this freak all feel and understand. He grinned and tried to hug me. I pushed away his hands.

And at that moment the door opened. Walked another guy. But the one that stood beside me, recoiled. Logged on walked up to me. Took a bunch of press and said:

— Let’s go. The rain has ended. Calm down, I’m right here.

This guy I didn’t know either, but obediently followed him. We went out into the street. The sun was shining. The sky was blue-blue!

I looked up and saw a rainbow! Then he turned to see the one who saved me, saved from the harassment of some monster, but next to me was empty. I sobbed and ran to deliver mail.

Only many years later I spoke about the case of my beloved mother. Described his Savior. She listened. And then said I had my native elder brother. Her son from her first marriage, who died tragically many years ago. And I, in the past pioneer and a Komsomol girl, your mom believed. Maybe he was my guardian angel?

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