A resident of Manchester, is confident that for 13 years she finds living in her house Ghost

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52-year-old Karen Oakfield from Manchester is confident that in her house for 13 years, lives a Ghost named Malcolm. This Ghost for 13 years, rowdy and frightening residents. Most often it breaks frames and slams the door. Over the years Karen has become so accustomed to otherworldly creature in her house that even now leaves Malcolm a special postcard with greetings for Christmas.

But in their pranks Ghost Malcolm had already reached the point that began to imitate the voice of a friend Karen Paul Dawson. Once his voice asked Karen to come down to the first floor, but when Karen immediately did, the bottom was empty and the Floor machine also was not (he drove it).

The name of the Ghost Karen learned with the Board Ouija, she’s a Ouija Board. With the Board she also learned that Malcolm had died in 1858 at the age of 57 years.

Karen and her partner Paul

Жительница Манчестера уверена, что уже 13 лет ее пугает живущий в ее доме призрак

— I’m still afraid to stay alone in the house, says Karen, But I’m getting used to his presence and almost ready to take Malcolm as a member of my family. I even made him a Christmas card with greetings from all of us. And I’m talking to him when he starts to act up and be naughty, it’s the best thing you can do, because he loves to communicate with people. When I come to visit, he turns on the kettle for them.

Karen since childhood, felt a connection to the spirit world, she describes what growing up in a house, where they often heard mysterious knocks, bumps and steps in those moments when no one but her in the house was not. When she grew up, changed a few homes where there was no paranormal activity. And then in 2004 she moved to this house in Manchester and immediately realized that there is something abnormal.

The house where Karen lives, was built in 1930 and it couldn’t be the house where Malcolm lived originally. But Karen sure before Malcolm lived in a different building, which stood near, and which has long been demolished.

In this photo possibly shows the Ghost of Malcolm. Karen took a few pictures in his house, when there was no one of her friends and found a strange silhouette in the reflection of the window

Жительница Манчестера уверена, что уже 13 лет ее пугает живущий в ее доме призрак

Sometimes I can hear strange sounds sometimes come into the kitchen, and there all the drawers and doors of cabinets opened and their contents lying on the floor. Someone once pulled my Bathrobe, I turned around and there was no one. Once the door to my room heavily slammed and flew off its hinges and I felt scared, like someone was watching me. I immediately put the door to close the passage.

When I had a dog, she growled at someone, and then rushed up. I was very scared and I had to call a friend and ask her to come to stay with me. At first she thought I was kidding, but then she heard a strange clanking of crockery from the other room.

After the incident with the door was quiet, but when the house Karen moved to her boyfriend Paul Dawson, he also acquired a paranormal experience, although this was a big skeptic. When he watched a movie in the evening, he suddenly saw on the screen over the image of the film something flickering, also there was a strange whistle. Then Paul told Karen that «he met her Ghost friend».

In trying to understand what was happening, Karen was invited to his house for a group of enthusiasts who investigate the paranormal. They were able to shoot on the stairs of a strange dark shadow.

Жительница Манчестера уверена, что уже 13 лет ее пугает живущий в ее доме призрак

Karen’s got a 16-year-old daughter Madison, but if she had paranormal contact with Ghost, nothing is written.

— I understand that it’s hard to believe, says Karen, But many of my friends who don’t believe in ghosts and other paranormally, having been in my house, saying that there is a certain kind of energy.

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