In Antarctica discovered a 12-storey UFO (video)

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In Antarctica discovered a 12-storey UFO. In ancient times, Antarctica was visited by a giant UFO the size of a 12-storey building. It can be seen on the video posted on YouTube UFO researcher from Nizhny Tagil. The scientist found the alien ship thanks to the pictures taken on Google Earth.

В Антарктиде обнаружен 12-этажный НЛО (видео)

YouTube is beginning to gain popularity video, which has mounted a Russian UFO researcher from the Urals. Studying photos of Google Earth, he saw an unidentified flying object on one of them. The alien ship has an impressive size.

В Антарктиде обнаружен 12-этажный НЛО (видео)

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UFO researcher has no doubts that he can compete in size with a 12-storey building. According to preliminary calculations, the width is 20 m and length 30 m.

Specialist says that the alien ship is made of metal. It is assumed that aliens visited Antarctica in ancient times and was wrecked. The object lay in a mountain area of several hundred or even thousands of years.

For those who do not believe in what he was able to see UFO pictures, UFO reports the exact coordinates: 72°32’41.03″S, 68°20’1.84″E.

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