The video with the alien stuck on the fence

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On the famous video hosting YouTube published a mysterious record, which is said to have captured a dead representative of some extraterrestrial civilization.

Видео с инопланетянином, застрявшим на ограждении

If you believe the ufologists, posted this video to the world wide web, the remarkable images were obtained in the winter of 1992 in the vicinity of the canadian city of Quebec and until now was strictly classified. Material immediately attracted attention of tens of thousands of Internet users.

Including the videos below, you can see the naked body of the strange, thin creature with a disproportionately large head and long arms. The alleged alien, apparently, hung on a conventional fence. A group of men takes the body of a humanoid with this unexpected traps and puts it on the snow. Some regulars Network joke that in the same way to end his life many dumb animals: for example, a deer can run come on the fence and die, being unable to free himself. Given the fact that stood the harsh canadian winter, this theory looks quite plausible.

But why the alien was in that place alone, but still naked and without any equipment? Do «little green men» is so primitive in its development? Perhaps that is why many commentators refused to believe in the truthfulness of the record. According to them, we are talking about the dummy, albeit quite subtly done. Doubters also point out that whether the video is authentic, the secret world government is unlikely to allow its publication.

But, apparently, not allowed as much as a quarter of a century! Experts have determined that video for sure old. Who came up with this absurd idea to remove the fence on the dummy and then keep a record of 25 years old to amuse her descendants? Unlikely. Then what is it really?..

Video: the Internet leaked video with the alien stuck on the fence


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