Mystical legends of new York

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Once on the island at the mouth of the Hudson river was located the Indian burial sites and shrines, and the island was called Chinascinet — «a place to communicate with the ancestors». In the 1620s the Dutch established a colony nearby and gave it the name New Amsterdam. In 1626, the colonists took the island from the Sioux Indians in rent for ten years, vowing not to touch the graves of ancestors.

Мистические легенды Нью-Йорка

According to one legend, at the appointed time the natives came for the promised fee, but the Dutch met them with volleys of musketry. Sioux cursed the island and renamed it Manhattan — «the place where we were deceived».

However, officially it is believed that the name comes from the word «manna-Hata», which is one of the Algonquian languages means «hilly or small island». And about the Sioux Indian name of the island is not clear where this information, as sources very little about it. But the legends then and legends that it is often unclear where that came from, but it stuck in people.

Eventually, the colonists destroyed the old cemetery, but I have not been able to build anything there: the stones were cracked, the walls were crumbling. And in the second half of the seventeenth century, these places were captured by the British. New Amsterdam was renamed new York.

With the Foundation of this city is connected to many legends. Here, perhaps, the most romantic of them. English merchant, of the first settlers buried in the ground somewhere in this area of Manhattan, the sword of pure gold, as believed in the predictions of the druids, buried Golden weapons will guard that land, and their owners. And that is why Manhattan has become one of the most prestigious areas!

But why did new York have long been known as the City fears? Maybe it’s fear of the future due to the fact that in large cities it is not easy to survive? Indeed, the feeling of loneliness and helplessness in the «city of the yellow devil,» as he called new York Maxim Gorky, not everyone can handle it.

Does the blame for this crime, periodically covering the terrible waves of a huge city? Or is it an ancient mystical power that was present here before the arrival of whites?

From the Indians, there was even a belief that is built on their land, a new town is a living creature that can absorb people. They tried not to come here, and if after all the need arises, put on a special «mask of fear», made by the sorcerer to frighten the monster.

Tell that to the 20-ies of the last century on 33rd street at the hotel Pennsylvania was a strange old man nicknamed Harry the Good. He predicted fate. He was addressed and clients of the hotel and the staff, and even the on duty cops. And his prophecies always came true.

While Harry warned: «do Not curse new York, otherwise he will curse you!» Surprisingly, those who spoke badly about the city, was really overtaken by misfortune.

They say that a quarter of Harlem, where long-settled black population of new York was the site of a magical coven. For many years there stood a dilapidated brick wall where the Negro witches drew their magic signs. Among them — «the last sign of life», which appeared in itself «in the night the sharp of the month» (when the moon looks like a narrow sickle).

Мистические легенды Нью-Йорка

According to the myth, the building, which belonged to wall, built on the site of wooden huts, where they languished in prison, the old black witch Hat. Among the first slaves brought to new York from Africa.

When it became known that the Hat holds magic rituals against white, he was locked in a wooden house in Harlem, which at that time was inhabited by mostly wealthy Europeans. The old man withstood all the bullying. Then he decided to burn him alive.

Before death Hat cursed earth new York: «fill the air fire, and water — poison for your descendants. And curse different Nations will destroy them all over the world… And will crumble the walls of large houses, burying them under stones… And remember: the Black Mamba has already raised its head.»

The sorcerer burned, and the place of the hovels built a large brick house. But his tenants had trouble: they died from disease, went crazy, died under mysterious circumstances. And «in the night the sharp of the month» here came the footsteps, groans, squeaks, baby crying. White began to move from Harlem to other areas, and their place was taken by the black population.

After the Second world war, the house of the sorcerer turned into a drug den. When the police decided to close the building the explosion occurred. A there was only one wall — and that’s about it-and then crawled through the city rumors. They say that at night going here Harlem witches, sacrifice.

Sometimes creates miracles. One night a tramp was buried under the wall of his pittance, and the next night to dig them out failed, because the wall has disappeared. He heard the human moan. The next morning the wall stood in place, only the poor man went insane.

Appeared in Harlem, a young witch, nicknamed the Black Mamba. During the invasion of rats, zaterroriziroval new Yorkers, she drew on the wall a cat catching a rat. The next night in Harlem gathered hordes of cats. They destroyed the rats, and then disappeared themselves.

The black Mamba was seen dancing on the wall. Someone even noticed, as she pressed herself into the wall and disappeared, as if seeped between the bricks! The magic of her sometimes wicked — got it to those who were at enmity with witches.

One she was forced to jump from the wall and crushed to death, another hanged himself — for it was already prepared beam with a hinge. Before that, victims were told that the wall of their calling.

Now this place is a wasteland. So nothing there and not built.

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