The mystery of the «old smartphone» finally solved?

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In December last year, the world wide web potentially spread sensational news about the amazing discovery, made by Austrian archaeologists in the vicinity of the city of Salzburg.

Тайна «древнего смартфона» наконец разгадана?

«Scientists have discovered the mobile phone to the 13th century!» – wrote the journalists from all over the world. Even the most reputable British tabloids reported that ancient clay artifact, no doubt, is remarkably similar to the unit cell of the Nokia brand, and this puts the eminent scientists in a deadlock.

Many alternative researchers and ordinary users of the Internet have come to the conclusion that the alleged inappropriate artifact is proof of the existence of not aliens, not time travelers. According to one theory, the representatives of some extraterrestrial civilization arrived in the middle Ages on our planet, and demonstrated to the people the real smartphone, and amazed earthlings made it up from scrap materials. Another version says that in our days or in the future someone made a replica of an indispensable gadget, and sent her into the past.

Now, however, the origin of the «old cell phone» has received a rational explanation. It turned out that the fault of the German sculptor Karl Weingartner, which was created in 2012, several cell phones from clay and inscribed on their buttons Sumerian cuneiform. According to the artist, this was done in order to dream, what would mobile gadgets invented by the Sumerian civilization.

However, even with this explanation there remains some questions. For example, why weingärtner was silent all this time? Surely neither he nor the people around him have not seen the sensational news Network? Where are the other copies made by the sculptor-a good sense of humor? And whether or not the pottery has been unearthed in Austria? If so, how did it get there? Or was it somebody’s fake news, which is eagerly picked up by many international media?

Тайна «древнего смартфона» наконец разгадана?

Some conspiracy theorists, by the way, I still think that we are talking about this uncomfortable artifact, a German sculptor, say, just helping the powers that be to hide the real information about the abnormal finding. It is quite serious arguments. First, the artifact has been identified then the scientists, was of the 13th century, but otherwise no one would noise not raised, think how modern clay toys. Is conventional sculptor Karl Weingartner has managed not only to create a replica, but to age it for eight centuries? Second, if it was just fake news, why would a serious sculptor Karl Weingartner dirty in this dirty business their good name?..

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