In Las Vegas the crowd shot drones?

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After a mysterious shooting in Las Vegas that occurred on 1 October, all Newspapers and all TV channels were saying about it never stops. Since Oswald was appointed a Stephen Paddock, the press was focused on him only. Press carefully through every gun and every bullet found at the citizen during the search.

В Лас-Вегасе толпу расстреляли дроны?

But the public, judging by the forum comments, in the mass shouting “no way!”, that is understandable – none of the gun bore makes for four minutes as many shots. Therefore, the situation acquires all the new rumors and details.

According to the latest updatem ameloblastoma (What Happens in Vegas DOESN’t Stay in Vegas), the arrow was at least 5-6, and Mr Steven Paddock under strange circumstances died two weeks before the incident and in the room where the shooting took place was taken straight from the fridge.

Can’t neither confirm, nor deny, we note only that drew the attention of another: the scene made a huge amount of videos, but all lenses were aimed at the receding crowd. No camera looked at the sky. And in vain: after all, the sky could be drones that end up on the street in 1963.

And here on YouTube appeared a video where is visible not just fleeing the crowd, but the sky, or rather something similar to the muzzle flash between the houses: В Лас-Вегасе толпу расстреляли дроны?

Unfortunately, literally within a couple of hours, while the video was discussed on the forum, it was removed.

A version of that in Las Vegas was used drones spoke (The Israeli Military is Buying Copter Drones With Machine Guns) in the first days, but she had no confirmation. Video “muzzle flashes” as if it confirmed.

The video could not be called exhaustive: is it possible there really was captured drones, perhaps some other lights, perhaps it was the error of the shooting. But the fact that the video was removed two hours after the beginning of the discussion when talking about drones began to write directly under the video in comments – it is suggestive. Watching the development of events.

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