Ghost house photographed in the Moscow region

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In the town of Istra in Moscow region, allegedly photographed an anomaly. A resident of Dedovsk Daria Sorokina recently took a few pictures of the famous new Jerusalem Stavropegial male monastery. When she later viewed the images, then suddenly found one of them the mysterious outlines of the other religious buildings, where there just could not be.

Призрачный храм сфотографировали в Московской области

In the air behind one of the towers of the monastery for some unknown reason, loomed like an ephemeral tower, as if woven from the gray haze. The author claims that she previously had managed to similar mystical images. Moreover, according to Sorokina, almost always it was just about images of temples, churches, monasteries and other religious buildings, which she just loves to take pictures. Maybe our compatriot is a special gift to capture images of such a rare anomaly?

Призрачный храм сфотографировали в Московской области

The skeptics on the web, of course, have their own explanation of what happened. Some materialists believe that the reason a strange optical effect razdvoitsya tower in the frame. Others suggest that this is a atmospheric phenomenon – perhaps a shadow of the real tower rests on the accumulation of water in the air. However, there were also many users who believe that it is haunted monastery — this is a sign or some other phenomenon. Moreover, Daria Sorokina promised to find in your files similar mystical pictures or make new ones, in order to confirm your unique gift of photographer.

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